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Palm TX: First Impressions

Palm TX: Lobot Approved Last week I got a Palm TX, a new model released in October. You can check the Palm site for full specs, but for those familiar with preceding models the highlights are: 320x480 screen, non-collapsing case, built-in WiFi, and a $299 suggested retail price.

Some context: I've owned about a half-dozen Palm devices, and these comments are aimed at long-term users like me; the TX is replacing a Tungsten T, so this is also my first exposure to the 320x480 screen; I bought now rather than waiting for the elusive Cobalt because my T was at the end of its useful life.

So, while they don't quite amount to a full-blown review, here are my notes after a week of light use.

Good stuff

Bad stuff

Different stuff


I like it a lot. Palm aimed for the middle, making a $300 device (which can be had for about $250) instead of a $500 device (like my Tungsten T, which thankfully I bought used on eBay for a fraction of that). I think it was a smart move on their part and I hope sales show that other people agree.

I hope to get two solid years of use out of the TX. At that point I will spend $200 on a phone/media player/organizer/camera/GPS/taser the size of a business card, which within a week I will have accidentally thrown into the paper recycling bin.

I'm looking forward to writing one of my terminally candid eBay descriptions for my weathered, battered Tungsten T.

Thursday, December 29th, 2005
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