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Camino 1.0b2

Camino 1.0b2 is out. Lots of great bugfixes, interface improvements, and new functionality. SVG support. Java Embedding Plugin support.

I'd like to pick out one really tiny thing from the release notes that exemplifies the kind of attention to interface detail that the Camino team is applying:

Allow shift modifier key to reverse the sense of the "load in background" preference when loading a url with Command-Return.

I would guess that the average user probably didn't know:

  1. That command-return loaded a typed URL in a new window/tab, just like command-clicking
  2. That the shift key reversed the "load in background" preference when command-clicking

And yet here we have a bugfix implementing a logical consequence of those two features.

Remember, there's more to life than Firefox.

Friday, December 30th, 2005

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