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PBX I'm Paul Bissex. I build web applications using open source software, especially Django. Started my career doing graphic design for newspapers and magazines in the '90s. Then wrote tech commentary and reviews for Wired, Salon, Chicago Tribune, and others you never heard of. Then I built operations software at a photography school. Then I helped big media serve 40 million pages a day. Then I worked on a translation services API doing millions of dollars of business. Now I'm building the core platform of a global startup accelerator. Feel free to email me.


I co-wrote "Python Web Development with Django". It was the first book to cover the long-awaited Django 1.0. Published by Addison-Wesley and still in print!


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I filled up my GMail box

"Your message could not be sent because you have exceeded your mail quota." This actually happened two months ago.

I learned of my achievement via a mail administrator wondering why thousands of pieces of mail (spam, it so happened) getting forwarded to my GMail account were bouncing back. The bounce messages didn't say "mailbox full" or "user exceeded quota" or anything like that, so even I didn't know what was going on at first.

When I signed up for GMail, I bought into their "never delete anything" philosophy, just to see where it would end up. Now you know where it ended up -- it did take two years, though.

The cleanup was damned tedious. Sending messages to the Trash 100 at a time, then clicking "Delete Forever" 100 at a time. I did that for 1500 messages. Then, when my trash was empty, I was presented with the following message:

Who needs to delete when you have over 2000 MB of storage?!

Har har.

They've since added features that allow you to select all the messages in a mailbox, rather than limiting you to 100 at a time. I just don't know why it took them two years to do it!

Monday, September 4th, 2006
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Comment from donald koopmans , 18 months later

how do i open my g mail box? my download never downloaded, or opened my box. thanks

Comment from Paul , 18 months later


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