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PalmSource becomes ACCESS

Today, ACCESS, a Japanese company that acquired PalmSource (not to be confused with Palm, which... oh, never mind) earlier this year, announced that they will be absorbing the PalmSource brand. Probably a good thing.

I've been a Palm user for about seven years now, and have done my share of pontificating and pondering their fate, but I hadn't really read up on the ACCESS Linux Platform (ALP). The summary on their website mostly made my eyes glaze over ("standards-based software architecture ... best-in-class ... combined technology portfolios ...") until I got to this part:

[M]ajor open source components of ALP include:

  • A standard Linux Kernel: ALP is based on a standard open source Linux kernel (version 2.6.12 and above)
  • An optimized implementation of GTK+: (The GIMP Toolkit): Popular open source framework and libraries for the creation of graphical user interfaces
  • Gstreamer: An open source, modular and multi-threaded streaming media framework
  • SQLite: A high-performance database engine commonly used in embedded applications

That sounds, well, hot. Maybe it's time to learn PyGTK.

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006
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