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dpaste.com update

My little pastebin site, dpaste.com, has been chugging along nicely since I announced it here about six weeks ago. Today I updated to the very latest Pygments codebase, which allowed me to add colorizers for Apache config files and bash scripts.

I've also started to add some Django-specific rules to the Python colorizer; it now recognizes Django model field types (model.CharField and the like). My thanks go to everyone who's been using it, especially those who have given me feature suggestions and problem reports.

Friday, December 29th, 2006
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Comment from Lawrence Oluyede , later that day

Any news about releasing it as opensource :-) ?

Comment from Dave , later that day

dpaste.com is great. Thanks for helping this Django neophyte get a leg up.

Comment from CoolGoose , later that day

Hmm dpaste is really nice.. bu bye rafb and pastebin :P

Comment from Armin Ronacher , 3 days later

@Paul: With the next pygments release there will be support for filters. Those would simplify improving the output of a python lexer without having to subclass it.

Any news about releasing it as opensource :-) ?

While i don't know about the status of dpaste as open source application i can give you the sourcecode of the pocoo pastebin which works as example application for pygments:


The subversion repo is under http://trac.pocoo.org/repos/lodgeit

Regards, Armin

Comment from Paul , 3 days later

Excellent, Armin, thanks for the update. I promise when my customizations add up to more than a few lines of code I'll submit a patch!

Comment from Rob Hudson , 3 days later

Could you share some info (possibly a blog post) about using Pygments with Django? I saw some news about Pygments recently and it looked like a great highlighter. I was considering adding support to my blog written in Django but haven't dug into Pygments just yet.

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