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Django.June wrapup

Anybody got a laptop? I just wanted to make a quick post to say thank-you to the 20+ people who showed up for Django.June yesterday. As I said in the morning, without you I just would have been one crazy guy with a wiki and an empty room.

The MEF meeting room worked great. They had some last-minute projector trouble so I brought a replacement borrowed from work. (Thanks to the crack projector troubleshooting team for helping me figure out how to focus. Analog controls, who would have thought!)

Check out Jay's photo set on Flickr for some images from the event. Thanks for documenting, Jay!

Jeff Forcier started a page on the wiki gathering links and resources that were mentioned during the talks. Feel free to add to it (though my current Trac anti-spam setup may get in your way, due to a default threshhold on external links).

In the afternoon we broke up into separate groups for a while; the table I was at was nominally about working on open tickets in the Django Trac. Next time I'd know to allow much more time for this, because with so many interesting people in the room one keeps getting distracted by good conversations. In the end though, I did succeed in filing my little documentation patch at least.

Thank you also to the people who stepped up to give short talks on works in progress and other Django topics.

Finally, a special thanks to Adrian Holovaty, who took time out of his schedule at the Django In June music camp (where I know he was having a fabulous, over-the-top good time) to come give us a talk on new admin features, as well as fielding general questions from the group.

Also, the Saturday night concert was fantastic -- I didn't see any Django.June attendees afterward, being in a musically-altered as well as tired state of mind, but hopefully some of you came out to enjoy it. Wow. All I can say is wow.

Let's do it again next year!

Sunday, June 17th, 2007
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Comment from Doug Napoleone , later that day

Paul, Thanks again for putting on a fantastic unconference! I wasn't able to stay for the music, but the plan is to bring out the whole family next year.

Comment from Wade Mealing , later that day

I would have been there for the conference, but I had to return back to Oz.

Looks like it rocked.

Comment from Adrian Holovaty , 1 day later

Thanks for putting this together, Paul! It was a great time. :)

Comment from Loren Davie , 1 day later

I had a great time! I will definitely come back next year if you want to do it all over again.

Comment from David S. , 3 days later

Great job, Paul. Great meeting everyone and looking forward to next time. --Peace

Comment from Ray Cote , 1 week later

Excellent get together. Enjoyed meeting so many people actively using Django.

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