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PBX I'm Paul Bissex. I build web applications using open source software, especially Django. Started my career doing graphic design for newspapers and magazines in the '90s. Then wrote tech commentary and reviews for Wired, Salon, Chicago Tribune, and others you never heard of. Then I built operations software at a photography school. Then I helped big media serve 40 million pages a day. Then I worked on a translation services API doing millions of dollars of business. Now I'm building the core platform of a global startup accelerator. Feel free to email me.


I co-wrote "Python Web Development with Django". It was the first book to cover the long-awaited Django 1.0. Published by Addison-Wesley and still in print!


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RealPlayer direct download

I learned this today from an anonymous comment over at FA:OSX. If you want to download RealPlayer but would rather skip the registration and the attempts to distract you into buying the payware version, just go here:


Saturday, October 8th, 2005


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Comment from jima , later that day

There's also another version that the BBC had made exclusively for its radio listeners that doesn't have all the spyware stuff that you get in the regular RealPlayer version. BoingBoing wrote it up last year, and it looks like the links are still good.


Comment from Paul , later that day

Thanks for that. I actually got this tip from somebody who read my post on the BBC player over at FAOSX, but at the time I didn't realize the actual players were different.

Your link got munged (a leetle Markdown bug), but the BBC page it eventually leads to is:


Comment from eddie , 18 months later


Comment from Ajay Kumar , 4 years later

Thank you

Comment from bode , 5 years later

i want to download realplayer

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