Back in Action

During the 40 months or so of this blog’s life I’ve worked to keep it focused on my technical and professional interests, not personal stories. That means that you are conveniently spared having to read the story behind the lack of posts here since late May. Summary: Things were bad, but are much better now.

So I’m now back in action, and sporadic posts should be forthcoming without another four-month wait. For those waiting on the book, rest assured that it’s well under control, and closer than ever to being in your hands. Final details to come. But soon you’ll be able to buy it, carry it to the cafe, and put it out on your table next to your laptop as a sign of your great savvy.

Brian Rosner commented :

Yay! Welcome back, pbx! :)

Alex commented :

Great to have you back! Hope to see you prowling the #django channels once again.

Matt Rose commented :

Good to see you back blogging!

Empty commented :

Welcome back! We missed you Paul.

LorenDavie commented :

Yay! Welcome back!

Eric Florenzano commented :

It’s great to see you back!

Gour commented :


Nice to hear you’re alive considering that I pre-order the book few days ago :-)

Sincerely, Gour

akahn commented :

Wow, welcome back. Glad things are going okay.

Gour commented :


Forgot to ask…will the book cover django-1.0 ?

Sincerely, Gour

Paul commented :

Thanks for all the well wishes! It’s good to be back.

Gour, the short answer to your question is yes. In fact, on the cover of the actual book you’ll see a nice little badge celebrating this fact.

Gour commented :


I’m waiting to receive it and hold it in my hand :-)

All the best ;)

Sincerely, Gour