Podcasts I actually like

As I said in my last post, I haven’t found many tech/software podcasts worth sticking with, but since people have asked, here are a few that I generally like.

  • LugRadio. Loud men swearing in a small room. Plus Linux and whatnot. This show has some very funny moments, a rarity in tech podcasts. I hear they’re going to do an all-Haskell episode pretty soon.
  • Audible Ajax – good, though relatively infrequent
  • The Ruby on Rails Podcast is worth following. Even for a Django guy like me.
  • For OS X development, CocoaRadio can be instructive.
  • And finally, just recently I’ve been picking through the archives of a podcast with some interesting esoteric (for me) discussions: Industry Misinterpretations. Terrible name. It’s about Smalltalk. Remember Smalltalk?

James Robertson commented on Tue Apr 3 16:07:35 2007:

Thanks for the kind words on the podcast! As to the name - My blog is called “Smalltalk Tidbits, Industry Rants”, and Michael Lucas Smith’s blog is “Smalltalk and my Misinterpretations of Life”. Dave Buck joined us later; we came up with the name by mashing the blog titles :)

Paul commented on Thu Apr 5 12:14:45 2007:

Ah, now I see, thanks! Seriously, though, I think you could increase your reach just by changing the name of the podcast. Though I suppose it could be worse – you could have called it “IndustryMisinterpretColon” or something…

Anyway, thanks for producing the show, I’ve really been enjoying it. I especially liked the recent “Code Smells” discussion, with all its cross-language references – somebody even mentioned Io!

Marius Ursache commented on Sun Apr 8 15:32:18 2007:

You should give it a try to Software Engineering Radio (se-radio.net) and Python 411 (awaretek.com/python/index.html). Also some of TWiT’s FLOSS episodes were quite good.

Paul commented on Sun Apr 8 21:42:03 2007:

Good suggestions, thanks. I just found SE-radio the other day and have listened to a couple episodes now. Listening to a Java programmer explain dynamic typing to other Java programmers was interesting, though not something I’d like to do every day! Python 411 seems like a good idea, but rarely clicks for me (like I said, I’m picky). FLOSS does have some good listening – the interview with Guido van Rossum, for example.

Troy commented on Sun Apr 15 10:49:21 2007:

Lug Radio is brilliant, i’m glad the user base is growing constantly.

mrben commented on Thu Jun 14 06:27:39 2007:

Heh - found your blog via your django snippet ticket system, and now I find you like LugRadio!

Will you be at LugRadio Live?

Paul commented on Thu Jun 14 10:02:41 2007:

I’d love to – I hear Wolverhampton is lovely this time of year – but it will have to wait until the surplus in my bank account is larger or the distance between here and there is smaller…