Spam, spam

Like every other web site/service/app/community/thingy that allows individual user contributions, there’s spam on Delicious too. The perp I came across today was “mcloan” – check the page out for yourself – and there are many more. Fred Stutzman has a good post on the subject, and I came across an exchange with naive Delicious spammers on Brian Dear’s weblog from last year.

But what’s Delicious/Yahoo doing about this? Where’s the Craigslist-style “flag this user as a spammer” button?

Fazal Majid commented on Wed Sep 27 15:12:20 2006:

I asked them the same question in April, the official method to report a spammer is to send them an email to A Craigslist-style approach would be much more manageable, of course.

Paul commented on Wed Sep 27 22:26:34 2006:

Thanks, Fazal – I sent in a report.

Paul commented on Thu Sep 28 08:05:31 2006:

And I got a reply about three hours later, saying “That does look like spam, and we’re taking care of it now.” Not gone yet though.

Man commented :

I don’t think delicious take spam seriously at all.