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Google jobs for Mac developers

Including the eponymous Steve, there are at least a two Google employees over at Forwarding Address: OS X (which I contribute to as “pbx”). Today Eric Case linked to a couple new job postings for Mac-specific work at Google, as well as listing two earlier openings I mentioned here back when they were announced. So, if you’re interested, check it out: Google Hiring Mac Engineers Naresh commented on Tue Mar 13 00:40:15 2007:

Google Base: What is it, man?

I’m intrigued by Google Base mostly because it’s not at all clear what the hell it is. Or, more pointedly, what it’s supposed to compete with. Ebay, Craigslist, a thousand little ASPs who store your data for you and republish it? The current Google product that most resembles Base architecturally is Blogger. It’s a huge Google-hosted database which serves users who can’t or don’t want to maintain their own. It just happens that its only output formats are static HTML and RSS.

Google wants Mac developers

It’s been a sore point among Macintosh users that almost all of Google’s desktop software is currently Windows only. A couple days ago I learned that Google had started a search for Macintosh developers. As of today, listings for Senior Macintosh Developer (8+ years experience) and Macintosh Developer (3+ years experience) are on Google Jobs. Only Google can say what they’re up to, but note that Google Earth, Google Desktop, Picasa, and Google Talk are all mentioned in the ads.

Google blog search

Google has launched a blog search tool. Given how long it took them to get around to it, it’s rather underwhelming. Also, I’m seeing a lot of spam blogs in the results – despite my recent attempts to mock such sites into oblivion they seem to be flourishing. Some Craigslist-style flagging options (also now offered by some blog hosting services) are sorely needed.

Google News feeds

As of Monday, Google News now offers Atom and RSS feeds. If you’ve visited Google News this week you probably have already seen the Atom/RSS links on news pages. To roll your own, just add an “output=rss” or “output=atom” parameter to your request. Goodbye, scrapers.