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Salon turns 10

Ten years ago today was the public launch of Salon (as, not I can’t say that I’m surprised they have lasted, because their work has consistently been excellent. Through Salon’s connection to the Well I have gotten glimpses of how hard they have worked over the years, and I’m glad that it has continued to pay off in terms of editorial quality and reader respect, if not guaranteed solvency.

Sony gets spanked

Just a quick followup on the Sony malware situation: they’ve now been spanked by both Microsoft and the Department of Homeland Security. I feel the warm glow of righteousness.

"Open Source" spreading, blurring

I’m seeing lots of links to this CNN story about the CIA learning to use publicly accessible information sources. I have one comment, not about the news, but about the language: Mary Margaret Graham, an aide to Negroponte, told reporters better use of open source information should lead to more effective use of clandestine intelligence gathering as well. (Emphasis mine.) The term “open source” is being used here – not just by the reporter but, as far as I can tell from the context of the article, by the Federal government – as a synonym for “publicly accessible.

The fall of Sony

This evening I was pointed to a blog posting from yesterday about Sony’s foray into malware distribution. The author gives a heavily technical blow-by-blow account of uncovering sleazy copy-protection software that has come along with his latest purchase from the Sony BMG record label: …At that point I knew conclusively that the rootkit and its associated files were related to the First 4 Internet DRM software Sony ships on its CDs.

Rob Curley, Newspaperman of the Future

I find Rob Curley interesting for many reasons: Until recently, he worked as director of New Media and Convergence for The World Company of Lawrence, Kansas, which sounds kind of weird and obscure if you don’t know that is possibly the most award-winningest, cutting-edge local news site in existence. The World Company and its web projects gave birth to Django. He is at heart a newspaper guy. Two or three careers ago I was a newspaper guy too (though the paper was weekly rather than daily).