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Textmate 1.5 released

On the heels of yesterday’s lovely site redesign, Allan Odgaard has released TextMate 1.5. If you’ve been downloading the “cutting edge” builds you’ve probably already got it. It has come a long way since the last official release (1.02). And on top of all the improvements to the program, there’s now a manual. For more on why I think TextMate is so cool, see my earlier post/review.

A software manual written using Markdown

TextMate author Allan Odgaard has been working on a user manual for the program, in preparation for next week’s final release of version 1.1. He’s been writing and editing for a few weeks. As a Markdown devotee (all my posts here are written using Markdown) I was pleased to see this comment in his blog entry about the manual: Should you somehow have missed my countless references to Markdown then for the records let me just state that the documentation was written in Markdown and I absolutely love it!

Django template bundle for TextMate

I added Wilson Miner’s TextMate bundle for Django templates to the TextMate bundle repository today. Thanks, Wilson! comments commented on Sun Jan 15 11:46:27 2006: the ‘scope’ selectors need to be changed. As is the scope text.html.django doesn’t work. text.html works fine. Paul commented on Sun Jan 15 13:44:40 2006: But then you get Django-style coloring in all your HTML files. It works as-is. You do have to specifically select the “language” from the language selector at the bottom of the window.

Obscure "svn mv" problem solved

I banged my head against this one for a while before figuring it out, so I’m posting the solution – for my own future reference if nothing else. I’ve been working on extending Textmate’s Markdown language bundle. The development versions of the bundles are stored in a repository managed by Subversion. I noticed that the bundle’s name started with a lowercase letter, unlike the other bundles, so I did a quick svn mv to fix it:

TextMate: Bundles of goodness

Warning: this is a long post about… a text editor. I’m very late to the TextMate party. Like many other people, I heard the buzz when it came out last fall, checked it out, and went away interested but unimpressed. At the time I knew that BBEdit’s long stint as my primary text editor was coming to a close. For its replacement I wanted an app that felt cleaner; was Cocoa, not Carbon; didn’t have a dozen years of accumulated cruft in the menus; and didn’t have language-specific features that felt tacked-on.

PHP/HTML enhancements for TextMate

My first little bit of TextMate language grammar hacking: PHP.tmbundle 2.0.1, which has two small enhancements over the stock 2.0: HTML code embedded inside <<<HTML … HTML; heredoc delimiters will be colorized as HTML Code-folding is enabled for those blocks Enjoy! Feedback is welcome. Thanks to Textmate author Allan Odgaard for helpful answers to my newbie questions on the TextMate mailing list. ritesh commented on Thu Nov 10 13:03:27 2005:

TextMate: wiki bits

I’m working up to a longer post about my recent conversion to TextMate, which appears to be total. For the moment, though, just a quick note about a couple things I’ve added to the TextMate wiki: a rough guide to bug reporting (adapted from a mailing list reply from TextMate author Allan Odgaard), and a recipe for doing lookups in 10.4’s built-in dictionary (based on code from John Gruber).