Developer meeting braindump 2007-09-20

Another successful session of non-stop technical chatter in the back of our favorite chain restaurant. Links and commentary:

  • The Talk Like a Pirate Day site was a victim of its own success this year. After several hours of record-breaking traffic, Chris nobly disabled the site to protect paying customers on the server. I’m looking forward to the white paper, “How to serve one million unique visitors one day per year”. We also heard the origin story of Talk Like a Pirate Day and the site. I hadn’t realized what a pioneer and international pirate celebrity Chris was.

  • jQuery UI is out. Who doesn’t love jQuery?

  • Windows/Eclipse font weirdness.

  • Chris Amato had a letter in Wired. Maybe he’ll notice I linked to him and come to a meeting like I’ve been bugging him to.

  • Next to Chris’s letter was one from Dennis Bathory-Kitsz – music composer, Vermonter, 8-bit computing luminary and original TRS-80 Model I warranty voider.

  • The RESTful Web Services book: we like it.

  • Evolving schemas, pre-populating databases, Core Data.

  • Digitizing handwritten documentation of geological data (core samples)

  • …which led to a discussion of all the cool stuff that the software Lou works on does.

  • MySQL on Amazon S3: Anybody using it?

  • Obligatory distributed-version-control reference: hgsvn

  • Notebook sleeves: Marware, CaseLogic, InCase, and at least one I forgot.

  • Personally I only hang out in civilized, literate online communities, but that only makes this YouTube video funnier. Caution: swearing!