Developer meeting braindump

Often after one of our Western Mass. Developer Group meetings I want to make a list of things we talked about. This time I actually did it. This only includes stuff I talked about or was within earshot of – minus the top secret material that you can only know about if you show up in person.

  • C# structures and their fans and detractors
  • BASIC Computer Games, the book
  • the Amiga and “guru meditation”. Amiga’s not dead! Again, yet.
  • learning assembly language
  • the glories of VMS
  • help wanted, or at least lacking: Flash, QA, HTML/CSS production
  • Making life with Subversion better with
  • Darcs again, plus Mercurial vs. Bazaar. Anything’s better than CVS.
  • the glory of the REPL in Ruby and Python
  • Free review copies of books for user groups like ours (nice find, Lou!)
  • the iPhone – finished writing that Ajax-based Skype client yet?
  • the OpenMoko phone (I can’t believe they quoted Andre Gide in a press release)
  • Dell shipping policy: “That will take three weeks. OMG WE DID IT IN 8 DAYS DUDE IT’S A MIRACLE”
  • MacMall shipping policy: “We’re shipping part of your order on time. Did we mention we don’t have the other part yet? The part with the computer in it?”
  • Smalldog, trustworthy Mac merchants
  • Drupal, community plumbing
  • Trac, even Rails guys dig it
  • What do people do with (or think of) your code after you leave your job?
  • Crazy UFO photos making the rounds. (My favorite theory after checking the internets is that they are part of a viral marketing campaign for the new Transformers movie)

There was more. It would be neat to have a wiki page for each meeting where we could all dump notes. No pressure on our de facto webmaster implied! But I bet you could whip it up in Rails in, like, 90 seconds.

We had a couple new faces: Josh and Chip. Always good to see.

Gerard commented on Fri Jun 29 16:27:06 2007:

Already used a few times today.