dpaste.com spot check

Once in a while I look at a sampling of recent dpaste activity. Partly I do it so I’m not totally out of touch with what my site contains. Partly I do it because it’s just interesting.

And I do it to confirm that the site is actually used by people who want to share code snippets, not just spambots who fire their cannons into every porthole.

I just sampled 10 random items from the last week. Happily, no spam. Here’s what I saw:

  1. An XML schema (mistakenly set to use the Scheme syntax; it actually almost works)
  2. Some CSS
  3. A pygments “Hello, world”
  4. HTML source for a Ruby cheat-sheet
  5. Some traceroute output
  6. A hunk of /var/log/dmesg
  7. An XML schema (this time using XML syntax; looks better)
  8. An annotated list of links
  9. Transcript of a short bash session
  10. What looks like a list of every file path on someone’s system containing “Google” or “google”

What great variety! I love seeing what people use the site for. Especially when it’s not spam.