Dreaming In Code: The Interview

Dreaming in Code Over on the Well we’re having a discussion with Salon.com co-founder (and longtime Well member) Scott Rosenberg about his new book, Dreaming in Code. The book follows the Chandler project – conceived as a radical reinvention of the personal information manager – from its inception in 2002 through… well, through multiple stalls and restarts that lead not to a triumphal “Rocky of software” finish but to our embedded journalist moving on after deciding he just can’t wait any longer. Oddly, this a more satisfying ending; more honest, more interesting, and, for most programmers, more painfully familiar. It’s a postmortem on a project that hasn’t actually died.

If this intrigues you, head on over to check out the conversation (instructions on how you can send in questions for Scott are posted in the topic). If it doesn’t, chalk it up to my miserable head cold and go check it out anyway.