eBay, fraud, filtering, and Web 2.0

Several weeks ago I ranted about eBay’s problems with phishing and some things I am surprised they aren’t doing in response. I’m afraid I’ve got a similar complaint today.

I’ve been searching for a present for someone (I can’t be more specific for risk of ruining the surprise!) and noticed that many of the matching items that were coming up in my searches were being offered by sellers in the UK. At least that’s what I assumed, because the prices were in Pounds sterling.

It seemed unusual. Then I looked a little closer. Here’s some of what I noticed:

  • Eight of those items were listings by the same user. Nothing particularly suspicious so far.

  • Each item had a steep shipping charge – 30GPB – for an item that weighs about a pound. Possibly just “normal” sleazy practice, but still a bad sign.

  • The item locations were listed as “China,” but the user’s account was listed as being in Germany. That’s weird.

  • The seller’s username, which had been the same since December 2002 when the account was created, was changed six days ago.

  • All of the eight were one-day listings.

I’m 99% certain that this is fraud in progress, being worked via a hijacked user account. Maybe they even got access to the account via one of the phishing expeditions I was griping about six weeks ago.

A fellow Well member reports seeing 20 other auctions in progress in a different area of eBay which also bear these identical red flags. Clearly somebody’s got a little cottage industry going here.

It drives me nuts that in 60 seconds I can scan an item like this that’s just screaming “Fraud!” and yet in order to notify eBay I had to:

  1. Click on the “Security Center” link

  2. Click the “Report another problem” radio button and submit.

  3. Navigate to “report a listing you think is fraudulent” (4 more clicks)

  4. Load up the eight bogus listing in tabs, copy the item numbers, paste them into the form (thank god for Jumpcut)

  5. Submit the message.

  6. Receive an automated confirmation that doesn’t do so much as quote the report I submitted, let alone do something as nice as link to a status page or to the reported auctions.

  7. Send a separate note to the high bidder on one of the auctions, outlining my suspicions.

So in all that, where is my motivation, as an experienced eBay user of nine years who has a good idea when he’s looking at a fraudulent listing, to report it? It’s not easy to do, it’s not easy to track the results, I get no thanks, I get no whuffie.

I think, in fact, that there’s a business opportunity here. Build an interface on top of the eBay API that allows browsing and searching of auctions; develop SpamAssassin-type statistical rules for known fraud patterns; allow flexible individual filtering; allow flagging (ink cartridges in the ‘inkjet printers’ category must die) that can be used both to filter out flagged listings and to penalize or blacklist offending sellers; allow users to share filtering criteria; allow lurking users to kibitz on individual items.

In other words, drag eBay into Web 2.0, because they’re just not getting there fast enough on their own!

Craig commented on Wed Nov 23 01:01:56 2005:

I also think there is a business opportunity here. That’s why we created gumshoo.com. While we don’t quite have all the features you mention, gumshoo.com uses the eBay API to analyze listings and let users know when it suspects something is wrong. We also have built in junk filtering that eliminates “work at home” scams and other listings that, as you say, just scream fraud. Try it. I’m pretty sure you’re going to like it.

We’ve also got an accessories filter that removes things like batteries, cases and chargers from the search results.

Try a search for Ipod Nano to see what I mean.

Oh, I should mention that it is completely free. Happy shopping. :)

Paul commented on Thu Nov 24 00:00:33 2005:

Craig, that looks great – thanks for posting about it.

Ted Richardson commented on Sat Nov 26 21:31:40 2005:

Interesting post, there is a lot of fraud on auction site, which is a concern on my blog from time to time, also.

munky_funky commented on Fri Dec 2 07:58:38 2005:

There are hundreds if not thousands of these scam auctions on ebay. I and other users have been bidding them up so no one else can win along with sending messages to other high bidders that it is a scam and reporting 10 or so a day hijacked accounts to ebay. the problem is they can’t keep up with them. all the auctions are for 1 day and ebay’s responce is too slow. The scammers are getting wise to the vigalanties and have changed their tact. Auctions are now being listed in £ and they also say PayPal but infact they still demand Western Union! Most of the sellers that I have won from have the email address @126.com and most mention western union in the add. How easy is it for eBay to search on these two phrases in their database and bin the lot?

c.c. courtney commented on Thu Feb 2 22:53:56 2006:

After buying several antique cars on ebay and all with no problem I will no longer go on ebay autos till they fix a major problem - for the last three days in my first hour I have found fradulent sites that are so obvious and after trying the email to report a fraud site and then going through the live chat route to report these sites I still see them hours later. Each day I have identified over 12 sites. All have a low BIN price and some are using hijacked id’s and some are members that day. The text will give some excuse to not ask the seller a question because it is full or not working and they give an email address through yahoo or juno. They are both looking for someone to send them money quickly and fishing for id’s. Several sites are rigged with the buy it now cursor attached to you arrow icon so where ever you go it will always go to the fraud seller when you click. One site managed to put the ebay sign in page pop up when you clicked on anything. Either hire more people to police ebay. I am certainly not a computer expert but the apparent greed ebay has to raise fees and go after the dollar could fail when buyers like me get tired of the poor and slow security and stop patronizing ebay. As the owner of several businesses I listen to what my customers say and you know what - it works. How about a phone bank of real people to take fraud alerts and then act.

Harold Hadaller commented on Thu Mar 9 09:49:50 2006:

Is ebay making money off each of these listings. Hudreds of Plasma TV’s but 98% or fraud. How does this happen? I can’t believe that Ebay’s computerized listing service is so dumb. Ebay is like Walmart - over the hump and waiting for someone else to replace them. Another K-Mart.

Nigel Turner commented on Fri Sep 22 07:29:14 2006:

Hi, I have recently had a lot of buying activity on a downloadable product that hasn’t really being selling. All of the buyers have an email address ending in 126.com and so far none of them have paid for the item All of the items were sold within an hour of each other on the 21st of september. I’m not quite sure how this would be a scam but it certainly smacks of one. Has anybody come across this before or do you know what they are trying to acheive ??

Ernest commented on Thu Oct 5 13:40:20 2006:

hi, after quite some search, I tracked down one of the renowned thiefs of 126.com, Haijun Yang, llm8422@126.com who has recently attempted to take 360 Euros from me on hypothetical buys of two Macintosh I made from him.

I post herein his data, in case you people find similar data on a seller.

I am taking legal action against this person, and hope blogs like these keep rising on google’s search.

BANK OF CHINA BEIJING BRANCH No.8 Ya Bao Lu,Chao Yang District Bei Jing,China
(2) A/C holder’s name:haijun  yang (first name:haijun last name:yang)
(3) A/C No:401420801882775013

2.western union money transfer
western union money transfer address is:
haijun  yang(first name:haijun last name:yang)
Address is:huashidajie 2 building
208 chongwen district
Beijing 100021

3.Money Gram
Money Gram transfer address is:
haijun  yang(first name:haijun last name:yang)
Address is:huashidajie 2 building
208 chongwen district
Beijing 100021

Please be aware of similar or even identical sellers on ebay and other auction-based websites.

don'’t speak commented on Wed Oct 11 08:39:32 2006:

hello i can buy 2 turntables from him fore 140 euro. is he realy a fraud? please let me know

fish commented on Sun Oct 22 22:45:32 2006:

of course its a scam …. there is set with 2 turntables and a mixer listed every week on ebay.cn … and some of their adresses dont even exist. i bought 2 powerbooks this weekend, all together for 650 euros (for 3 powerbooks!!!!). dont think that any of the sellers agreed for a pickup (i offered to pick it up personally as i am also in beijing). but none of them is getting back to me.


Dear Friend: Welcome to EBAY. The total price is EUR345.00.including postage. The payment method that we accept; 1.Western Union money transfer(recommend) Western union money transfer address: Receiver’s First name:ben jun Receiver’s Last name:Deng Expected payout city: Beijing Expected payout coutry: China 2.Bank wire transfer information:

  2. Bank’s ADD: NO.8, YaBaoLu,Chao Yang District, Beijing, China.
  3. Beneficiary’s Name:Deng ben jun
  4. ACCOUNT NO:4141600-0188-002797-1
  5. Swift Code: BKCHCN BJ 110

You tell me yours:Name?Address?I receive money to send item to you immediately.We use the aviation of EMS to send the item, you will receive the item on 3-5 days.Hope we will have a good cooperation !! Hope you are all happy everyday!!!


my dear friend, Congratulate this merchandise that you won us, the price of this merchandise is:RMB3200=EUR320,postage is;RMB400=EUR40, this merchandise, you should pay in allly:EUR360,Include postage. please choose the methods to pay below: (1).bank wire transfer(recommend) the bank wire transfer information 1 BANK OF CHINA BEIJING BRANCH No.8 Ya Bao Lu,Chao Yang District Bei Jing,China 2 A/C holder’s name:yahui kang (first name:yahui last name:kang) 3 A/C No:406030001880634667 4 SWIFT CODE:BKCH CN BJ110

(2).western union money transfer(recommend) western union money transfer address is: yahui kang(first name:yahui last name:kang) Address is:huashidajie 36 building 1201 chongwen district Beijing 100021 China

(3).Money Gram (recommend) Money Gram transfer address is: yahui kang(first name:yahui last name:kang) Address is:huashidajie 36 building 1201 chongwen district Beijing 100021 China

After remittance, please tell you the remittance to follow the number, remitter’s full name, amount of money, nation, and your detailed accept the goods address, we receive your remittance, in the same of time, using in the world the most fast EMS delivers the way, sending the merchandise to you, you will can receive the merchandise on 3-5 days, hope cooperation delectation!


Dear friend Congratulation! You are the winning buyer for our merchandise. Thank you for your purchase! here is some information you may need on different means of payment: Wire transfer 1.Bank name:Bank of China Beijing branch Address:No.8 ,YaBao Road, chaoyang district,Beijing,China A/C holder’s name: FEI YAN A/C No.:4103200 0188 004447 5 Swift code: BKCH CN BJ 110 2.Western union My first name is: FEI My last name is: YAN City: PEKING Country: China Post code: 100078 Address: Rm507,U5,10.th,FANGCHENGYUAN,FENGTAI Road, FANGZHUANG District 3.moneybookers A/C holder’s name:FEI YAN A/C No.: 4103200-0188-004447-5 SWIFT code: BKCHCNBJ110 feifei4580@126.com www.moneybookers.co 4.moneygram Wire transfer or Western union is prefered and by which you can have your purchases within 2 or 3 day via EMS post. We are the supplier of customers of different countries and dedicate to supply — for many years. Please contact us if you are not 100% satisfied with the products and we would happy to make an exchange or process refund for you. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Please believe that we the best choice for you! We are looking forward to hear from you. Thanks & Best Wishes


fish commented on Sun Oct 22 22:51:03 2006:

some of these adresses dont even exist at all … couldnt find huashi dajie on any map or on google ….

Arnaud commented on Mon Oct 30 12:50:04 2006:


I’m writing from Paris, France. I just want to know if we have something to do to recover my money ? 270 € for an XBOX 360 PREMIUM. The seller is the same as Ernest… BANK OF CHINA BEIJING BRANCH No.8 Ya Bao Lu,Chao Yang District Bei Jing,China (2) A/C holder’s name:haijun  yang (first name:haijun last name:yang) (3) A/C No:401420801882775013 (4) SWIFT CODE:BKCH CN BJ110 I’m really disapointed with that and just want to know if I could carry complaint against this guy. Excuse my english and hope you can help on this case. Best regards,


Paul commented on Tue Oct 31 20:29:17 2006:

Arnaud, if you have a problem with an eBay transaction, you most certainly should take it up with eBay (and the payment processor). Good luck!

FG commented on Tue Nov 21 05:03:56 2006:

Hier staan nog meer van die eikels op.

Overhere you can see several fraud people.


FG commented on Wed Nov 22 10:59:02 2006:

Yong Xi Li, Chun Lin He, Tianyue Ma, Hajung Yang, Yahui Kang, Feng Qiu, Xia Lu, Jian
Feng Qiu, Bing Ru Zhang, Ming Xao Cui, Yuanli Ma, Guo Liang Li, Rongxi Hu, Zhuan Wu,
Zhao Qian, Jian bo, Benli Hao, Wei Yang, Fan Wen Zhao , Lijing Hou, Wei Yang , Yang
Ying, Feng Wang, Benwei Ma, Lei Miao, Chang Jiang Liu, GuiYun Wang, Xin Xu, to name but a few.

Glendon commented on Sun Dec 17 08:58:02 2006:

Fish how are you going to take legal action? because i have been scammed too.. How is bank to bank wire unsafe? i thought if they dont send the item you can take back payment

Kevin Gevatosky commented on Thu Jan 11 18:19:44 2007:

Recently I made a purchase from this website: www.easttrade168.com Subsequently, I was contacted by a Mr. Haijun Yang who offered me a deal - 6 iPods 80GB for $1000. Sounded like a good deal so I sent the money - big mistake! As soon as he received the MoneyGram he sent me email requesting an additional $400 for shipping. It was then that I started to get a horrible sinking feeling. That thousand dollars was my investment money to start a business on eBay - it’s not going to happen anytime soon now. So far, I have not received the iPods or the money back and I don’t expect to. If I had the forethought to Google his name I would have seen your warning and would not be out the money. If anyone knows anyway I can report this theft or otherwise make it difficult for Mr. Haijun Yang to defraud people, please contact me. My email address is: ompupower@hughes.net

Kevin Gevatosky commented on Thu Jan 11 18:25:56 2007:

My email address on the previous comment is incorrect, it should be: compupower@hughes.net

R. Brummond commented on Mon Mar 19 00:03:00 2007:

I just spent the evening looking at items similar to the one I purchased for $78.00 US last week on Ebay and paid for with Paypal. In just a few minutes I had identified with 99% certainty dozens of hijacked accounts and thousands of items. I have no idea but, I suspect this scam is out of control. I have contacted Ebay and Paypal several times this week as well as filed a claim to have my money returned with Paypal. Just as the people above have stated, It is not a simple process and the replies from both companies are anything but fast. From my experience here is what happened to me if you are interested. I purchased a set of DVD’s (Monk) on March 10th. Within an hour I received an email from the real owner of the account that Ebay had canceled his account, that he never had the item, that he had not listed the item and that he did not get the $78.00 that I had paid him for the item. Next I got an email from Ebay that the account had been canceled and that if I had paid for it I should start action against the seller for the return of my funds. I filed a claim with Paypal and they sent me a standard form email stating that the item had already been mailed to me by some company in Japan “EMS shipping” so they would not do anything for three days. They still haven’t done anything and it is now eight day later. In checking with Paypal I did find that my payment did not go to the owner of the account but instead was transferred to a Luke Wang with a Yahoo.ca email address. The actual owner of the account did inform me that Mr. Wang had listed over sixty items on her account without her knowledge. It does appear that her account is back on Ebay but, she has no items listed so I am not sure. Now the interesting part. On Wednesday an item is delivered by EMS shipping to my home. It turns out to be to be similar to the item I ordered but, obviously a Chinese bootlegged copy of the item I thought I bought. I have tried to contact Ebay about this and have heard very little back from them. In addition many of the accounts I have tried to report to them as obviously stolen remain on Ebay and apparently on many occasions have sold to other gullible people like myself. From what I can tell it appears that someone has obtained many Ebay and Paypal passwords, then lists fifty, sixty or more items on these accounts. They then have the money transferred to an account in China (Shanghai in my case) and deliver a cheap bootlegged copy of the item to the buyer. From what I can tell they pay no Ebay or Paypal fees and if they have shipping fees it comes out of the money they get from the buyer. I checked back on the completed items and this has been going on for at least 2-3 weeks. I checked tonight and it appears to be growing out of control from what I with my limited access and knowledge can ascertain. I am rapidly losing confidence in Ebay’s ability to control this scam and I am hesitant to purchase anything from them at this time.

Marc B commented on Wed Mar 21 14:27:15 2007:

Hello, as I read this comments I needed to post this! look at this website:


and look at the very “cheap” prices. does someone agree with me that it`s fraud?

especially look at the payment, ernest already posted a fraud case where a nearly similar name and street appears. best regards, marc

Donna commented on Sat Mar 31 00:41:04 2007:

I want to inform everyone about another crook. His name is Geng Zhong Du. I purchased a watch on Ebay that he listed and did not have the item. Requested a payment by a bank wire so I paid. Two weeks after the payment was made I had no watch and no money when I received an email from ebay telling me that the listing was cancelled because some form of fraud was identified. Where was ebay with its security when the listing was on for 7 days. I emailed so many places in this regard and all I received from ebay is an email thanking me for informing them that I have been robbed. Does any one know if bank wire transaction can possibly be reversed? What can be done?

Navium commented on Tue Apr 10 18:44:29 2007:

This is now circulating on Skype

“Dearsir/madam, Sorry for disturbing you,We are a large trading company from china,an agent of all the well-known digital product factories. We export all kinds of digital products, and offer reasonable price and good quality.In these Years, We’the many customs of the welcomed by of the reputation and of the ve gained a good worldwide. Welcome to browse our website: http://www.eutue.com Please feel free to contact us at address if any questions, We will try our best to give you a satisfactory answer. mail: eutue2@hotmail.com MSN: eutue2@hotmail.com Phone:+(86)010-86202381”

Checkout the web page you may find it interesting – I wouldn’t touch it with a stick

Charles Veitch commented on Tue May 8 12:04:56 2007:

Hi Just wanted to post information about another crook in China by the name of Ge Li, email poloqq168@hotmail.com Do not send this guy any money. Promise after promise regarding delivery of a camcorder after sending $550.00. Emails dried up and then no contact. Informed both Banks regarding the fraud, Bank of China and Bank of Scotland. Still awaiting some feedback. Web Site is www.it-elec.com

Chandra Shekhar commented on Sun May 20 14:24:39 2007:

Hi Friends,

I think there is yet another graud going on, which may many have either missed or untouched. Please take a close at www.jooec.com and http://www.aeoea.com. Both these are registered with the same registrar on the same date March 5, 2007. Both are offering electronics goods and damn cheap rates and the prices quoted are in Euros, which raises a lot of suspecion. Interestingly, both the sites are presenting the same names for transfer of funds viz “First Name: Bing Feng, Last Name: Zhao.” Both these sites are registered adn the details can be had at “http://www.coolwhois.com/d/xinnet.com" Friends, be careful there are a lot of cheats. Do not buy unless you are 100% sure of what you are getting and if possible ensure that someone on your behalf atleast checks the product and dispatched in your presence or your representative present. If anyone can shed more light on this, it is highly appreciated. If this indeed is a fraud, let this be known to more people before anyone can become a prey.

Mario commented on Sun May 27 10:43:34 2007:

It seems that this website www.elebazar.com is a fraud too.

Someone sent me a message to my eBay account about this website.

Cheap prices, smelling fraud, and they are even selling iPhones by Apple that haven’t been released yet.

Be careful folks!

tone commented on Tue May 29 18:43:48 2007:

This message is for Charles Veitch. I was thinking about buying some stuff in www.it-elec.com You said that’s a fraud, how can i contact you? My email is: comprasnachina@hotmail.com

thank you

Chovis commented on Wed Jun 27 08:43:58 2007:


Anybody had experience with http://www.bestonlyforyou.com/

I just wired money to the below account for the shipment of a Nintendo Wii to Singapore. But after reading the above message thread, I have doubts as to whether I would see it at all.

The next best thing I can do is to warn other potential baits! Beware!

A/C NO.: 4060600-0188-010513-1 A/C holder :Junping Li (1)Bank name and address Bank of China Beijing Branch No.8 YABAOLU Beijing, China. (2)Swift CODE: BKCHCNBJ110 (3)bank account:NO.:4060600-0188-010513-1 (4)name:Junping Li (first name:Junping last name:Li)

Address: Technological Edifice 180# Haidian District ZhongGuan Cun Beijing 100061 P.R.China

Eva commented on Fri Jun 29 12:49:38 2007:

some days ago i bought a computer from the www.bestonlyforyou.com company! and i also wondering as you why the price is so low? …. But finally i bought one,about 5 days i receive my computer the package was in good condition and computer working very well!with full guarantee@@@ I dislike someone who didn’t know the fact and haver!!! YOU need decision anything and everything yourself

Paul commented on Fri Jun 29 13:32:40 2007:

Interesting, “Eva”.

www.vyvvy.com commented on Fri Jun 29 17:32:41 2007:

SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you will lost your money if you pay this company

they have nothing for sale,and only interested your MONEY! I paid $1000.00 for some ipod!But get nothing, when i paid already,they request me pay again for CHINA custom duty!! after i paid,NO REPLY NO REFUND!!

Tony commented on Sun Jul 1 11:42:49 2007:

LOOKS LIKE I GOT TAKEN TWO TIMES, ONE FROM A CRAIGSLIST USA, ASKED FOR PAYPAL FOR CHEAP COMPUTER renowned thiefs of 126.com, Haijun Yang, llm8422@126.com ANYWAYS DURING THE PROCESS OF BUYING THIS PERSON WILL RECOMMEND THIS SITE http://www.bestonlyforyou.com/ AND YES I FELL INTO ANOTHER SCAM WITH A WIRE TRANSFER TO THISA/C NO.: 4060600-0188-010513-1 A/C holder :Junping Li (1)Bank name and address Bank of China Beijing Branch No.8 YABAOLU Beijing, China. (2)Swift CODE: BKCHCNBJ110 (3)bank account:NO.:4060600-0188-010513-1 (4)name:Junping Li (first name:Junping last name:Li) lISTED BELOW ARE OTHER EMAILS USED TO FRAUD ME dandan wang <jeamily115@yahoo.com.cn jizhuo123@126.com nashinidema@yahoo.com.cn zhenglin ouyang (nashinidema@yahoo.com.cn zhenglin ouyang www.bestonlyforyou.com@post.com bestonlyforyou customer support team

HERE ARE SOME OF THE EMAIL STYLES: just i review our bank account.But unfortunate your payment still haven’t clean! please allow 1-3 days for the money process,when our bank clear your money i will informed you asap! Thanks for your patience! Regards

Jane Dear user,

Thanks for your time contact us about your concern,This is a automatically reply,we will respond you ASAP after review the information you submitted. Thanks

bestonlyforyou customer support team,

From: dandan wang

we only accept wire transfer and western union or paypal or moneybookers, Thanks


Tony commented on Sun Jul 1 11:59:51 2007:

SCAMMED EMAILS USED jizhuo123@126.com dandan wang jeamily115@yahoo.com nashinidema@yahoo.com www.bestonlyforyou.com customer support Re: order number

Alex commented on Wed Jul 4 06:35:21 2007:

I nearly fell for this scam too, if it wasnt for reading on sites like this, now im pritty sure its obviously a scam, so many websites, so many repeated differnet names, yet same bank, yabao lu. i lived in china for a long time and there you learn to be very careful about people cheating you, shame its so proflific on ebay now. Oh and to tht “EVA” trying to promote the site, that person is blatently chinese, you can tell by their attempt at english, though more like chinglish.

dehandschutter alain commented on Thu Jul 5 19:08:00 2007:

Hello friends, Do not buy from www.bestonlyforyou.com. I ordered and payed a television 550 euros all included on 18/06/2007. I understood now 04/07/2007 that they never will send the television. They tell me in a mail : " you did business with wrong company at wrong moment !!!! " But I made their publicity. Watch ebay or google and write bestonlyforyou. You will see what kind of publicty i made !!! The same for www.fyu1688.com. I bought phone 120 euros. They never sended. I did same publicity on EBAY and GOOGLE. After 5 days I saw that their website doens’t exist anymore. So I think they changed name. So watch good before buying from BEIJING Chinese compagny. Most of them are thiefs !!!! If information is needed mail me. Thanks Alain

DEHANDSCHUTTER ALAIN commented on Thu Jul 5 19:23:36 2007:

Hello, forget my mailadress : arthurbulldog@gmail.com. Just saw that I am not the first !!! Somebody can tell me how let the all world know they are thiefs. I payed already advertise on EBAY ( put bestonlyforyou in researchmode and watch 2 advertisings on televisions and computers ) Every advertising from Ebay is seen when searching the name in GOOGLE.

dehandschutter alain commented on Sat Jul 7 10:10:08 2007:

www.bestonlyforyou.com made in june 2007 another victim in Belgium. He reacted on my Ebayadvertise and told me that he ordered two notebooks and never received. He payed 3000 euros !!!!!!

sean farragher commented on Sun Jul 15 11:59:13 2007:

dont buy from jia peng district 100021 beijing== account no 4014208-0188-310206-3 swift bknhcn bj 110 the only thing would send him is lethal injection if he paid for it

FotoModo commented on Sat Jul 21 19:12:11 2007:

Dear friends, people have begun to trust to the e-shops they became very popular and this is the best place and time for such fraudulent chinese bastards. I became yesterday an email to my czech account for selling goods, something like ebay. That mans account was established 3 hours ago. I have checked that suspicious web name vyvvy.com via who is. No relevant and trustfull information, a new website without any tradition. Well made web site, hmm, beautiful prices, so I have checked it wia google and have found this thread. I am going to inform all my friends in Czech republic and send an email to that f…ing chinese mtfr… This is what they wrote to me from dnasjidnasji@188.com: Dear friend : i am Lucy ! i am a saler working in a big company for a website .our web is www.vyvvy.com .welcome to have a look .if you need some products , i will very glad to service for you. and if you order more i will give you the best reasonable price ,maybe VIPprice , it will save you a lot of money , and you can get more profit .it will depands the quantity you order from our company .when you have seen our products , you will know our products are much competitive in the market ,not only the quality but also the price. you can compare with other companys ,then you can make your determination .i am expecting your reply ! you can touch with me by the following ways: our web is: www.vyvvy.com My msn:vyvvycom@hotmail.com

We are not so rich in Czech republic to buy cheap things… :-)

sanjay commented on Thu Jul 26 14:45:53 2007:

website www.elebazar.com is a fraud too.

Cheap prices, smelling fraud, and they are even selling iPhones by Apple that havent been released yet.

I ordered one Motorola SLVR and paid by moneybookers and after accepting the payment the person is not contactable

Please note the details of this person Bank wire transfer BANK OF CHINA BEIJING BRANCH NO.8 YaBaoLu.Chao Yang District,Beijing,China A/C holder’s name:lu mao A/C No.: 4140300-0188-061144-9 SWIFT code: BKCHCNBJ110 moneybooker address:elebazar@hotmail.com

aga commented on Sun Jul 29 23:59:07 2007:

www.elebazar.com and www.atasale.com is the same person. Be carefull everbody

Artur commented on Thu Aug 9 08:56:07 2007:

www.vyvvy.pl, venshop Don’t buy from them. SCAMers and thiews :(

sanjay commented on Sat Aug 11 11:20:11 2007:

Please be ware that www.elebazar.com and www.atasale.com are same fraud person please note there emails id elebazar@hotmail.com atasale8899@hotmail.com

Marcin Poland commented on Fri Aug 17 04:15:51 2007:

Hi. I have been fraud by vyvvy.com for big money!.I pay this Chinese pice of shi.! for motorcycle and I have receive empyt box.Please send some info. where to look for help.DON’T BUY FROM THIS WEB !!!!.

blank commented on Thu Aug 23 16:52:22 2007:

www.ebaytop.com also a scam!! i don’t want say anything… Be careful!You will lost your money and get None!

blank commented on Thu Aug 23 16:53:24 2007:

sorry the website should be www.ebaytom.com Big Scam!!He got my 5400.00EUR!!!!! SCAM SCAM !!!!!!!!! www.ebaytom.com

www.ebaytom.com commented on Thu Aug 23 16:54:03 2007:

www.ebaytom.com www.ebaytom.com www.ebaytom.com www.ebaytom.com www.ebaytom.com


Babba commented on Mon Sep 3 10:49:55 2007:


probably another FRAUD person

scamers commented on Wed Sep 12 06:32:06 2007:

http://www.ibbtc.com/ Right,it’s a big scam ! fucking off!!

Eva commented on Wed Sep 12 17:01:53 2007:

Another Scam: www.chaoyangfa.com


Tom from Czech rep. commented on Thu Sep 13 09:21:56 2007:

Hi guys, I would say last 7 day it is chinese invasion on Skype cos I have received 3 “great propositions”: http://www.gxdjfc.com http://www.enjoybuy8.com http://www.ibbtc.com And today at morning I got mail “about Citibanks” (in Czech very famous at least one year) with phishing URL ending at “cn” So be carefull!

BTW why here isn’t date of comment? Yesterday I thought first it is old because of Paul’s submission date (Friday, November 4th, 2005 #). But then I have noticed there are “changes” at bottom.

jean carlo commented on Thu Sep 13 23:07:38 2007:

fuckin m o ther WWW.ibbtc.com this page fraud!!!

Tooom from Poland commented on Sun Sep 16 11:50:37 2007:

“Chinese invasion on Skype”. Good definition.

Saleem commented on Tue Sep 18 12:05:02 2007:

I would like to thank all of you guys for those very helpful warnings ! In fact, I was about to buy from www.bestonlyforyou.com when at the last moment I decided to check it out on google. Then guess what I found…these very helpful warnings !! As a consequence, let’s keep up tracking those bastard by denoncing all of them !

RevoGr commented on Sun Sep 30 17:43:30 2007:

Hello, guys, after I’m reading all of these messages I know now that I’m one of of You. Today is thd he 30. of sep. 07 and my 540 Euros + 40 Euros shiping is gone. I have ordered a laptop from bestonlyforu the tital was 600 Euros. I’m still in contact with a ,, James ,, and hi is asking for some more 200 Euros because some chinese inspection thing. I have paid the money for the product more than 3 months ago and still nothing. They are thiefs in the big time. I wrote him an e-mail few days ago about the 200 more money And I’m waiting for his response. They will release the package after i’ll pay the 200 bucks. I have ask for the phone no. of their cust. service, their official website and the track. no. of the package as well. So I’ll see . DO NOT BYU ANYTHING FROM THEM. THREY ARE JUST THE JUNK ON THIS PLANET. Just look around what You are buying

Stevo Popovic commented on Mon Oct 1 08:51:47 2007:

Hello guys, I am one of you as well. I sent 270 euros. I ordered a camera and video camera from www.ibbtc.com

Is there any chance to catch them?

Regards from Montenegro, Stevo Popovic

casey commented on Mon Oct 1 17:10:03 2007:

www.okeleshop.com This also a big scam!

Nikolay Milev commented on Mon Oct 8 13:10:58 2007:

www.ibbtc.com are thief here is my order from 28 Sep 2007.

Leica DLUX 3 10MP Digital Camera Order Number: 2007925174527

Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN): 410-882-9747 Senders Name (First, Last): NIKOLAY ATANASOV MILEV Country: BULGARIA Count: 190 $

Now 08 Oct 2007 nothing … they don’t answer on my emails. Please block them WEB site they continue to thief money from all of us.

Elikem Kudjo commented on Mon Oct 8 17:19:13 2007:

Too many attractive offers for a people living in a material world. They got their target right. I nearly fell a victim to this www.ibbtc.com.

Mathieu commented on Tue Oct 9 09:20:02 2007:

What do you think about this site? http://www.greatstuff-666.com/Index.asp

www.luckhong.com commented on Wed Oct 10 11:21:36 2007:

Dear friend : Please allow us to disturb your precious time! We are one of the Chinese biggest electronic products wholesaler. We have competitive prices and advantaged quality.The merchandise that you can select in our website are all directly gotten from the original manufacturers which are authorized by these famous digital companies.If you want to do business, we are sure to make you get more profit.Please visit our website,we will give you a satisfying answer. We are trade company in Beijing, China, mainly exporting by wholesales and retails of brand electronic products like Laptops, Mobile phones, LCD TVs, MP3/MP4, Moterbikes, PSP, PS3 games, Digital Cameras, GPS etc. with the brands of Nokia, Toshiba, Dell, Apple, LG, Sony, Canon, Lenovo, and so on. We offer our customes very good and competitive prices as one of our biggest advantages to draw customers' attentions. Here you can find your favourite items at very low prices. To satisfy customers is our unceasing pursuit.you can go to our website to choose the product you want! we will give you the satisfy serveres! Web: www.luckhong.com

www.luckhong.com commented on Wed Oct 10 11:22:03 2007:

www.luckhong.com THIS IS A BIG SCAM BE CARE!

scam commented on Wed Oct 10 11:25:05 2007:

www.sjdzkn.com this is another scam ,everybody must be careful!

they sent me this message:

My dear friend: Thanks for reading the letter. We are a wholesale seller who can offer qualitied goods such as motorcycles, tvs, notebooks, phones, psps,projectors, gps, dvds, dvs, dcs, mp3/4, musical instruments, toys, watches,motorbikes, and so on.When you have time, please visit our website and contact us.we will try our best to give you a satisfying answer. Hope we have long and good business! Our Web: http: www.sjdzkn.com

scam commented on Wed Oct 10 11:29:13 2007:

sorry this is their bank account:

Bank name:Bank of China Beijing branch -Address: Room 1106 No.16 Building Fang Shan District YinHe dianzi -A/C holder’s name: Yan YueLan -A/C No.:4105 1000 1880 0392 79 -Swift code: BKCH CN BJ 110

they scam me almost 810EUR for a motorcycle!two month went no product no email no reply nothing.. their website: www.sjdzkn.com i’m very crazy,,,,

jim commented on Wed Oct 10 11:31:40 2007:

another scam:www.cnfaddg.com ############################### Dear Sir/Madam: Please allow us to disturb your precious time! We are the chinese biggest foreign trade wholesaler. If you want to do business with us, we can offer you our most reasonable discount,making you get more profit. If you have time, please visit our website. Please relate with us,and we will give you a satisfying answer. Our Web : http://www.cnfaddg.com ###################################### Contact Point yanyuelan Company Beijing Changsheng E-business Company Address Room220,GuoMaoShangCheng ,chaoyang District,Beijing,China Beijing Beijing Postal code No Data Country China Phone 86-010-83022557 Fax 86-010-83022557 Homepage www.cnfaddg.com

feras commented on Wed Oct 10 12:59:28 2007:

thanx for your web site real im glad for you .Coz www.ibbtc.com triad to take my money but i felt not good so i searched about it than i found your site. i got chaines from skype nick mane “summer”. be carefule thank you .

feras commented on Wed Oct 10 13:02:56 2007:

thanx for your web site real im glad for you .Coz www.ibbtc.com triad to take my money but i felt not good so i searched about it than i found your site. i got chaines from skype nick mane “summer2008518”. be carefule thank you .

www.okeleshop.com commented on Wed Oct 10 13:34:25 2007:

Boring person: Check to see the data that my company send out: EA910876176CN EA910876145CN EA861283775CN EA910876114CN EA910876105CN EA910876091CN EA910876030CN EA910876233CN EA910876043CN EA910876057CN EA910876091CN EA910876145CN EA973043015CN EA861283815CN EA861283951CN EA861283801CN EA861283792CN EA861283792CN

mike commented on Fri Oct 12 12:18:15 2007:

www.uecio.com Be causeful this is a shit scam! they sent the mail : Dear Sir/Madam: We are a big wholesale electronics vendors. When you need, to visit the website and contact us. Our website is: « http://www.uecio.com » Our msn: uecio.com@hotmail.com Our e-mail: uecio.com@hotmail.com

mike commented on Fri Oct 12 12:18:44 2007:


www.uecio.com www.uecio.com www.uecio.com www.uecio.com www.uecio.com www.uecio.com

Hamwenzu commented on Mon Oct 15 08:39:30 2007:

It Looks like their are so many crooks from china using ebay and their own websites like http://www.ibbtc.com and Skype to advertise (using Service08 Skype account). We need to find a way of getting at these crooks. Is there a way of blacklisting these sites from the net or tracking down these crooks. If anyone has any suggestion please post it through.

James commented on Tue Oct 16 11:12:29 2007:

Hi Guys if only i had seen this site 3 days ago im out of pocket of 208 euro thinking im doing well with a ps3 game. Shit beware of this site please. www.podstu.com. I rang my bank to try stop payment but they say they try but to be honest they think i lost me cash. I should of left it item was to good to be true. China AHAAAAAAAAAAA

Nathalie commented on Wed Oct 17 20:07:42 2007:

Hi everyone just wanted to tell u about an other “fake” i received an e-mail from lanyi over ebay…Dear Sir/Madam: We are a big wholesale electronics vendors. When you need, to visit the website and contact us. Our website is: « http://www.uecio.com » Our msn: uecio.com@hotmail.com Our e-mail: uecio.com@hotmail.com and sorry but thats just not posible those prices can not be true…beware of buy anything from there his name is ShengJing Tang!

if some one need to cantact me –> lil_lorry@hotmail.com

guy3090 commented on Sun Oct 21 03:29:55 2007:

Does anyone know anything about the trader Haijun Cao from China? I ‘bought’ a saxophone from him for 275 dollars and he provided a tracking number from ems company even but the sax has never turned up despite the tracking number saying it has already been delivered - is he a conman too? is ems company an above board company or a conman shipping company?

meetloft commented on Sun Nov 4 21:03:09 2007:

well i lost 85 $ for a guitar on shop-electron.com……BIG FAKE!!! an other SCAM :luckhong.com Same products!!!same system!! I think it’s the job of the F.B.I to stop them….Try to tell them…!!!!

Mark commented on Sun Jan 13 13:30:35 2008:

Sounds like you’re looking for a web 2.0 website that makes the reporting of auction (and other frauds) a snap as well as warns you in real time as you surf the net (especially eBay).

You’re going to absolutely love this startup then:


Mark commented on Sun Jan 13 13:40:20 2008:

For all who are interested in the site in my last post, check out the watchlist at MatrixWatch.com

Gerry commented :

Got caught by the Chinese scammer too. How can they be stopped. I have complianed to ACCC and Chinese Embassy as well!

Robert Wilson commented :

another site to be avoided is www.supremelyshop.com.Cheep prices bub nothing turns up in the post.I was lucky and managed to stop payment and get a refund from western union as they had`nt taken my cash after 7 days.This is another china con.

sonja commented :

are there any real site to find good deal please let me know

help commented :

I will like to know if some can get me my money back from Chao Yang District BeiJing 100021 China. i sent him $1500 usd but have not received anything from this person hwo do i go about reporting this person and getting my money back? please help

this is the information that i got the same as Ernest. *** Room Building No.* ********** Chao Yang District BeiJing 100021 China

TEL : 86-010-87072377

Mail : gsdytrade@hotmail.com

MSN : gsdytrade@hotmail.com

Mark commented :

hi i got screwed with this one company Room Building No.* * Chao Yang District BeiJing 100021 China TEL : 86-010-87072377 Mail : gsdytrade@hotmail.com MSN : gsdytrade@hotmail.com

but i picked him up from TRADEKEY.com

Does anyone know if there is any honest ppl in TradeKey, or are they all FRAUD

Thanks Mark

deeC commented :

Hi, I have been receiving emails from gsdytrade.com also but thanks its good to know that they are scammers.

Here are some other scammers: www.aaiiv.com www.elandcn.com www.ectopher.com

Its best to not buy any “Authentic” items from china or UK scammers!

Heather Smith commented :

I am surprised to hear that aaiiv.com is a scam because I am a tradekey member as well and someone left good feedback about the jersey’s they purchased from them. What makes you say that www.aaiiv.com is a scam?

Paul commented :

Hi everybody! Just a reminder that this is not a “report your random ebay scam website here” form. Use eBay’s reporting form for that.

nizamfarooq commented :

[Edited for length]

Two bad Experiences purchased by Alibaba website .This Famous trade website start fraud. Please help me return my money or send me selected items …. Please give me china police station address & ministry address for fraud Chinese companies complain

[Copies of related correspondence removed]

LorencoJes commented :

Is it possible to contact administration? Hope for no silence