Quora questions I've seen enough of

I really do like Quora (you may have seen my SadQuora tweets, a side effect of the time I spend there). But when somebody asked, “What are the most annoying types of questions on Quora?” I couldn’t resist. Maybe it’s just my feed, but I see things like these a lot:

  • I’m 23 years old, am I too old to learn programming?
  • If a self-driving car had to either hit and kill a cow in the left lane, or hit and kill a horse in the right lane, which would it choose?
  • I made this, do you like it?
  • Who would win in a fight between seven adult tigers and a Humvee full of Navy SEALs?
  • What is the best programming language to use if I want to make a site to compete with Facebook?
  • What phone is best for graphic design?
  • What is the process of building a jet airplane from scratch? Please be specific.
  • Why do all my questions get marked as needing improvement?
  • My computer is acting funny, how do I fix it?
  • Is computer programming going to be obsolete in five years because all the computers will program themselves?
  • My girlfriend said she didn’t want to see me anymore and moved to another country and married some other guy and changed her name. Would it be romantic to track her down?
  • What is the cutest picture of your cat and what is a story about it?