Selling beat-up stuff on eBay


Despite my periodic criticisms of eBay (1, 2, 3) I remain a devoted user. One thing it’s great for is selling things that require a lot of explanation – because, unlike with a tag sale or classified ad, you don’t have to repeat that explanation to every potential buyer. You write it up once and eBay does the rest.

I’m pretty tough on my hardware, so when I sell things the “explanation” is often a laundry list of defects.

The trick for me in writing up these items is to be completely candid. I lay out every flaw. I make it sound worse than it is. I attempt to be funny.

My number-one goal when selling stuff on eBay is to have a buyer who feels like he got what he paid for.

With that, I present: the Palm Tungsten T, Mad Max style with Super Fun-Pak.

Update: Sold! Final price $29.32, plus shipping. Not a bad deal for either party.