SourceForge needs help

Despite their adoption of Big Green Download Button technology, SourceForge still has an absurdly cumbersome download process. I know it’s annoying to just gripe (I try to see the positive side too); I’m just surprised that it’s still this crufty. According to the OSTG site, “ hosts more Open Source development products than any other site or network worldwide.” But if the pace of modernization doesn’t pick up, I’m afraid that won’t be true for much longer.

Here’s the process I went through to download a 22K zipped application. (Approximate total weight of these pages, not counting the downloaded file: 600K.)

1 I arrive at the application’s project page. Cool, a big green download button! I’ll click it.
2 OK, nothing’s downloading, I’m on some other page. But look, there’s another green download button! I’ll click that.
3 Hm, a list of files. Well, I want the zip archive. There’s nothing green. I’ll just click on the filename.
4 Cool, it remembered my preferred mirror and is downloading! At least I think it is. The page seems to be refreshing every few seconds. Hm, I see the word “failed” in the URL up there. I wonder if that means the download isn’t working. Here, let me change my preferred mirror. Scroll down, find a different mirror, click the radio button – oops, the page refreshed on me! OK, try again, pick a mirror, update… I’m sure I’ll have this soon. You guys can go to lunch without me, I’ll meet you there.

Jessica commented on Fri Sep 22 09:42:54 2006:

I haven’t had the mirror problem, but damn is the rest of that annoying. fumes

Gamelexi commented on Sat Sep 23 04:44:04 2006:

I asked myself often why there is such a long and confusing way to get the files. Is it because you are generating advertising impressions on the way to get the file? I am not sure, but probably it is the answer for it.

Darrin commented on Sat Oct 28 14:54:15 2006:


it’s been that way ever since i can remember going back 6+ yrs before they had all those ads.

it’s a process bourne of developers and the like wanting not only the current version of an app but previous versions for whatever reason. it’s kludgy to be sure, but sf.nets goals are (were?) far different than the bulk of large internet sites.