Trying to send eBay a message?

I’ve been getting unrequested messages from the eBay Developer Zone site over the last couple days about email address changes. I have a Developer Zone account, but I haven’t touched it for months if not longer. I sent an e-mail to them about it, but haven’t heard anything.

I just got yet another one of these and I think I see what’s up. Check out the registered email address. Somebody found a hole.

(And in case you’re wondering, no, this isn’t some kind of phishing message. It’s a text/plain message and the routing headers show it being received by my mail server directly from

Subject: Forgot your Developer Zone username?
Date: May 26, 2006 10:45:12 AM EDT (CA)

If you did not forget your username for the eBay Developers Program,
please ignore this email.

Your Username is: [OMITTED]
Your registered email address' or ''='

You can sign in to the Developer Zone at

If you have forgotten you password, you can request it at

Thank you for being a member of the eBay Developers Program!
Developer Relations

Paul commented on Wed Mar 14 08:07:08 2007:

For some reason this post gets more spam comments – by far – than anything else on my blog. The spam comments almost never have anything to do with the content of the post; lately they’re for prescription drugs.

I’ve become curious about the reasons for this. Any theories?

Paul commented :

I’ve deleted some irrelevant comments along the lines of “please help me with my eBay problem”.

Sorry, but this is not an eBay help forum! I’m just a guy with a blog. If you are having an eBay problem that you can’t resolve directly, try their dispute resolution service.

matt commented :

Yeah I have no idea why personal blogs are spammed.

But google did point me here while searching for how to send a user a message…


Jasmine commented :

i am trying to figure out how to contact ebay itself via email because 4 of the items i bid on were sent to the wrong city an no one is replying to me on how to get them back. by mistake i sent it to miami florida 33315 and it was suppose to be fort lauderdale florida 33315. what do i do??!!

B.J. Justice commented :

ebay motors; arem’t “NO RESERVE” auctions on ebay motors supposed to go to the highest bidder? 2004 Volvo-S-80-one owner- CAR-LEATHER-MOON-BLACK Sarasota,Fl highest bidder $5,300 last week is back own ebay, same seller for $6,950.00. Is this true. Not delivered to the highest bidder? Can the owner or friends bid against the market?