After a couple years of mostly using XMonad on my Linux machines instead of a standard Desktop Environmnt, I’m coming around to using XFCE. I’ve always liked it; it’s been my installed “fallback” DE (for when you need the damned settings dialog for some thing or other). Now it’s becoming my primary.

I like the low resource use. I don’t hate Unity and Gnome Shell but they are too much for my older machines.

But the little thing that is making the most difference is, good standard keyboard driven launching and window-manipulating features.


  • Alt-F3: application launcher
  • Ctrl-alt-T: new terminal window
  • Alt-F5: toggle window to screen width
  • Alt-F6: toggle window to screen height
  • Alt-F7: toggle window to fill screen
  • Super-tab: cycle through windows of a single application

Sure it’s not XMonad, but it lets me get stuff done and doesn’t require any custom setup.