iPod touch: one week down, one week to go

iPod touch: one week down, one week to go

My first week with the iPt has been a thorough validation of my decision to jump ship from the Palm platform. The things this new device doesn’t do are still a problem, but the things it does do it does incredibly well. I won’t gush over those because they’ve all been thoroughly gushed over. But anybody who thinks the success of the iPhone/iPt platform is primarily based on superficial factors of appearance or brand image likely hasn’t used one for more than two minutes.

It's not "RAW", it's just "raw"

At the end of this old post by John Nack at Adobe I found corroboration of my feeling that putting “RAW” (as in, raw image files from digital cameras) in all caps is silly. Some might feel this is a level of detail that only concerns copy editors and trademark lawyers, but I’m like that sometimes. I’ve always preferred the nice, simple “raw” as the term for this sort of format.

Photoshop CS3 beta

Update: It’s out. Download here. Also see’s review of new features. In case you haven’t heard, Adobe’s releasing the beta of Photoshop CS3 in a few hours. It will be interesting to see how much of the Lightroom-style interface experimentation, if any, has made it in there. This is especially big news for Intel Mac users, who have been stuck with Rosetta emulation for Photoshop. Note that the other Creative Suite apps – remember them?

Adobe blogs Aperture

John Nack of Adobe posted yesterday about Aperture : As Apple is the first to say, Aperture is not designed to be a Photoshop competitor… if you’re looking to do something as simple as make a selection and sharpen someone’s eyes, you’re out of luck. …however, I’d be blowing smoke not to acknowledge that Aperture does compete with Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw. The capabilities of Photoshop (of which Bridge and ACR are a part) are vast, so there’s bound to be some overlap, and Aperture joins a long list of products (Capture One, RawShooter Essentials, Nikon Capture, Canon Digital Photo Pro, etc.

Adobe Blogs

I stumbled across the Adobe Blogs recently. It looks like the site has been up less than a month, but there is some interesting reading there. I particularly like the posts from Bill McCoy, who describes himself only as being “responsible for platform product management at Adobe, including our desktop and mobile Reader software and associated PDF technologies.” I have no idea what “platform product management” means, but as long as he keeps up the good writing and candor (phrases like “XML configuration spaghetti” and “eBooks are a bit of a sore subject at Adobe right now” come to mind), he’s all right with me.

The support experience

I recently encountered an amazingly stupid outsourced “how was your support experience” survey. I got to the end of the survey and there was a single button with text above it saying something like, “Click the button below to submit your survey and close this window.” I looked at the page source – the button does not submit the survey, which is already complete; it’s just a Javascript action to close the window.