Aesthetics and computation

This evening, the Western Mass. Developers Group was treated to a talk by Ben Fry of Processing fame. It was excellent and inspiring. Having not much prior exposure to Processing or his work, I left hungry for more. (The title of this post is taken from the name of the group at the MIT Media Lab where Fry did his PhD work.) I liked the graphical-REPL flavor of his live demos.
The original Lego Star Wars

The original Lego Star Wars

I attempted to make a Super-8 animated-Lego version of Star Wars when I was 14 – in 1982 or so. I had made several other animated movies, Lego-powered and otherwise, but this was my most ambitious project. Over several weeks of painstaking stop-motion animation, I got as far as the escape-from-the-Death-Star scene. In real time this was about four minutes of footage (yes, it was a multi-reel production), but as anyone who has done traditional animation can tell you, that’s a lot of work.


From, an exhibit of conceptual USB hardware. Imagine all the email. “WHERE CN I BUY 1 THANX!!!” I trust that the USB Implementers Forum Compliance Committee has been appropriately consulted.