Programming and Ice Cream

There are connections between programming and my favorite ice cream. In our new book on Django, I used the sentence “My favorite ice cream is Herrell’s” in some example code where I needed text – a tribute to my favorite local ice cream parlor. Walking by Herrell’s this afternoon, I saw Steve Herrell inside. Because I had a copy of my book with me, I decided I’d see if he wanted to take a quick look at the code snippet.

It's not "RAW", it's just "raw"

At the end of this old post by John Nack at Adobe I found corroboration of my feeling that putting “RAW” (as in, raw image files from digital cameras) in all caps is silly. Some might feel this is a level of detail that only concerns copy editors and trademark lawyers, but I’m like that sometimes. I’ve always preferred the nice, simple “raw” as the term for this sort of format.