Programming and Ice Cream

There are connections between programming and my favorite ice cream. In our new book on Django, I used the sentence “My favorite ice cream is Herrell’s” in some example code where I needed text – a tribute to my favorite local ice cream parlor. Walking by Herrell’s this afternoon, I saw Steve Herrell inside. Because I had a copy of my book with me, I decided I’d see if he wanted to take a quick look at the code snippet.

Developers, developers, developers

Just got back from my second meeting with the Western Mass. Developers Group. Being the only programmer in my workplace (and having been essentially solo in almost all of my software endeavors), it’s really refreshing for me to talk with other actual working programmers. Plus, we understand each other’s jokes. Some topics of discussion (unordered): FizzBuzz and code golfing RPG and punch-cards Can you name a program that Eric Raymond wrote besides fetchmail?

Django in Western Mass. in June

In the wonderful tiny city where I live, Northampton Massachusetts, there’s a fun annual music festival called Django in June. It’s all about gypsy jazz – performances, music clinics, and jam sessions. Last year it occurred to me that the festival would be a perfect time for a get-together of Django (web framework!) people in the region. Nothing fancy – some short talks, coding, pizza, beer. With open blocks in the schedule to go hear some gypsy jazz of course.