Akismet anti-comment-spam

I’ve yanked out my own crude anti-comment-spam tests and replaced them with a nice tidy call to the Akismet API. If this works out I’ll most certainly incorporate it into the Django version of the blog – there’s a nice Python interface as well.

seanrox commented on Thu Aug 24 14:58:33 2006:

Akismet is nice and works wonders on comment spam as you’ll see on your site.

The guys over at automattic.com really know their stuff.

Paul commented on Sun Aug 27 01:06:01 2006:

It has worked quite well so far, with the exception of a rash of annoying ones coming in this evening (8/26). Akismet’s strength is also its weakness – spammers have a strong motivation to craft posts that fool it, since that gives them a magic ticket to all Akismet-protected blogs. I reallly should use the API to report all these false negatives.