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Blog comments via Mastodon

Blog comments via Mastodon

I’ve replaced my Disqus comment integration with a Mastodon-powered solution. On posts where I’ve enabled comments, you’ll now see a “Load Comments” button and a “Reply” button, both of which talk to the Mastodon API.

Adding commenting to a static site is an interesting puzzle.

From Django to Hugo

I migrated my blog from a Django system I wrote 12 years ago, to a static site generated via Hugo. The move wasn’t just about getting out of an old codebase — it also was the result of seeing how static generation is a very reasonable fit for most blog sites (including mine). Dynamically generating the pages is really just one way to get the raw content rendered into my preferred form and interface.

Back in Action

During the 40 months or so of this blog’s life I’ve worked to keep it focused on my technical and professional interests, not personal stories. That means that you are conveniently spared having to read the story behind the lack of posts here since late May. Summary: Things were bad, but are much better now. So I’m now back in action, and sporadic posts should be forthcoming without another four-month wait. source code available on request

I’m doing a small experiment in open source distribution. I have a site,, which formerly was a collection of miscellaneous PHP scripts that I had assembled over the years for specific tasks – package tracking, dummy text generation, link shortening, etc. Those tools are now offline. The original cause of their disappearance was a MySQL failure, but that really just provided an opportunity for me to make a break with that pile of old code.

Comment Spam Stats

Since January 12th: Valid comments accepted by Akismet: 36 Spam comments accepted by Akismet: 17 Spam comments rejected by Akismet: 814 I don’t have a number for false positives, but given that I’ve received zero email complaints I’ll assume the number is low if not zero. This gives Akismet about a 98% success rate on catching spam, which is pretty good. It makes my life better. Having more spam comments than real comments get through the gates can be really depressing for a blog owner.

Make your own blog with Django in only 2.5 years

I launched this blog in July of 2005. It was powered by a homebrew PHP5 creation that as of today has, finally, thankfully, been laid to rest. The other thing that started absorbing my attention in July 2005 was Django. Every month since then, I’ve thought, “You know, I should make some time this weekend to port my blog over to Django.” I was using it for everything else, after all, side projects as well as web applications at work.

I'm not spamming you

Damned spammers. Looks like a big batch of drug-spam just went out with my personal email forged as the sender. The number of backscatter messages I’ve gotten today exceeds the number of spams that usually make it through to me in a week. Why? Because my anti-spam measures are mostly about blocking messages from “bad” mail servers, and backscatter comes from “good” mail servers. I’m laying a lot of ironic emphasis on those quotes around “good” because I shouldn’t be getting those backscatter messages at all.