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The Language I Will Kind of Learn in 2008: Smalltalk

In 2007, I took a whack at learning Haskell as my Language of the Year. It was an educational experience on more levels than I had expected. I didn’t get as far with the language as I might have hoped, but I did have the essential mind-opening experience of dealing with a purely functional, “lazy” language. My approach and style in my primary day-to-day language (Python) changed in a positive way.

OSCON 2007, Day 2 addendum: FOSCON

I was able to stop by Holocene this evening for the first half of FOSCON III: Really Radical Ruby. Those crazy kids. The event was sponsored by SQKWZR, which the two founding scientists/emcees claimed was fake – but you know they’re just saying that to keep people from stealing their ideas. I saw five 10-minute-ish lightning talks before I had to leave and get my beauty rest. Here’s the gist.

Best OSCON 2006 -- er, 2005 -- photo

I wasn’t able to get to OSCON this year, but this photo is definitely a winner in the category of impromptu geek performance art: Ruby on Rael Filip Salomonsson commented on Wed Aug 9 15:37:01 2006: Except, of course, it’s an OSCON 2005 photo.

Let's play a game: BASIC vs. Ruby vs. Python vs. PHP

In November I wrote about rediscovering BASIC Computer Games, a book I had when I was learning programming in the ’80s. Flipping through it recently I came across a simple game called “Reverse”: The game of REVERSE requires you to arrange a list of numbers in numerical order from left to right. To move, you tell the computer how many numbers (counting from the left) to reverse. For example, if the current list is 2 3 4 5 1 6 7 8 9 and you reverse 4, the result will be 5 4 3 2 1 6 7 8 9.

Ubuntu, I buntu, we all buntu

$ grep ub$ /usr/share/dict/words | ruby -ne "print split(/(\s+)/).map{|w|w.capitalize}" | xargs -I FOOB echo "FOOBuntu" | column Bathtubuntu Interclubuntu Strubuntu Bedaubuntu Knubuntu Stubuntu Bedubuntu Misdaubuntu Subuntu Beelzebubuntu Moneygrubuntu Subshrubuntu Blubuntu Nubuntu Succubuntu Bubuntu Ouroubuntu Swilltubuntu Cherubuntu Overscrubuntu Trillibubuntu Chubuntu Pubuntu Trubuntu Clubuntu Redaubuntu Tubuntu Cubuntu Redubuntu Unclubuntu Daubuntu Rerubuntu Undaubuntu Disdubuntu Rescrubuntu Underclubuntu Drubuntu Resnubuntu Undergrubuntu Dubuntu Reubuntu Underscrubuntu Flubuntu Roubuntu Undershrubuntu Flubdubuntu Rubuntu Undertubuntu Fubuntu Sandclubuntu Undubuntu Gaubuntu Scrubuntu Washtubuntu Glubuntu Semishrubuntu Woodgrubuntu Grubuntu Shrubuntu Zebubuntu Hubuntu Sillabubuntu Zermahbubuntu Hubbubuntu Slubuntu Inrubuntu Snubuntu I got the idea for this after listening to a recent LugRadio podcast.

A Ruby happening

The place to be during the afternoon break today was the Portland Ballroom, where the Artist Currently Known as why the lucky stiff and musical accomplices unleashed a multimedia explosion involving Ruby, cartoon foxes, animation, repeated MPlayer crashes, video artifacting, rocking out, shadow puppets, and network timeouts. I think this is the show he did at FOSCON last night. The quality of the stuff that did work was so high that the stuff that didn’t work wasn’t such a big deal.


The PDX Ruby Brigade (“PDX” is the airport code for Portland) is hosting a sort of alternative/extended OSCON called FOSCON. It’s being held at Freegeek. Several of us in Portland got into OSCON free the last couple of years by volunteering. When we found out that there would be no volunteer opportunities this year we decided to see if any of the Ruby speakers would like to practice their OSCON talks on us local Rubyists - thus FOSCON (or as Lennon calls it: OSCANT) was born.