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CSS without classes

I came across an interesting CSS library the other day, awsm.css. It’s a CSS library with no classes. Its focus is providing nice styles for semantic elements (i.e. not for <div> or <span>). It sounds like the motivating use case was wanting to style stuff coming out of e.g. Markdown. Your HTML source can read like 1995, but look prettier!

Tantek on CSS hacks

You can’t possibly consider yourself an expert wielder of HTML and CSS unless you’ve read this excellent history, explication, and analysis of CSS hacks. Even master practitioners of Wilbur need to read it. Especially master practitioners of Wilbur. I was intrigued by the suggestion that hacks are supposed to look ugly to discourage you from using them. Bit of an ex post facto rationalization, I think! Paul commented on Tue Sep 26 09:21:46 2006:

A List Apart 4.0

A List Apart, the website for people who design websites, relaunched this past Tuesday (they like Tuesdays) with a lovely new design and, at least as interesting to me, a completely new back-end powered by Ruby on Rails. Check out that stupendous live comment preview! Designer Jason Santa Maria, CSS ninja Eric Meyer and CMS maker Dan Benjamin have all done great work. Zeldman also includes a capsule history and colophon.


TiddlyWiki is one of the most impressive Javascript apps I’ve ever seen. It’s a pure client-side wiki. You can edit navigation, do live searching, and save to disk. There are some rough edges, mostly due to the awkwardness of using a browser as a document editor. But wow.