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Joel on TextMate

Joel Spolsky (who started his career at Microsoft as a manager on the Excel team) has been writing some recent longer blog posts on a MacBook Pro in TextMate using Markdown. He describes the process in a recent entry. He calls it a “surprisingly good experience.” He goes on to gripe about anti-aliasing quality (FWIW, that’s explained here), and beachballing from dropped wifi connections (which I’ve never experienced, maybe it’s an early Intel thing?

Site tweaks

Can’t stop tweaking the blog engine. Added: Technorati search link on individual post pages bookmark link on individual post pages Append .txt to any individual post URL to see the Markdown source, like this (mostly added for the benefit of people curious about Markdown)

A software manual written using Markdown

TextMate author Allan Odgaard has been working on a user manual for the program, in preparation for next week’s final release of version 1.1. He’s been writing and editing for a few weeks. As a Markdown devotee (all my posts here are written using Markdown) I was pleased to see this comment in his blog entry about the manual: Should you somehow have missed my countless references to Markdown then for the records let me just state that the documentation was written in Markdown and I absolutely love it!


When I was starting this site and designing the software that powers it I decided that I didn’t want to use raw HTML for writing posts. After 10 years of authoring HTML I still find it visually obtrusive, and somewhat distracting when trying to focus on writing. I considered both Textile and RST but ultimately settled on Markdown. The implementation I use is Michel Fortin’s PHP Markdown, which has worked flawlessly.