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Best OSCON 2006 -- er, 2005 -- photo

I wasn’t able to get to OSCON this year, but this photo is definitely a winner in the category of impromptu geek performance art: Ruby on Rael Filip Salomonsson commented on Wed Aug 9 15:37:01 2006: Except, of course, it’s an OSCON 2005 photo.

Simon Willison's EuroOSCON report

Worth reading: Simon Willison’s “Things I learned at EuroOSCON.” Bits that I found alternately interesting or alarming: “SVK … lets you mirror from, branch and commit patches back to Subversion, CVS, Perforce and more” “If a worm locked your drive with a random password, it would be illegal under the DMCA to recover your files” “PHP 6 (out next year) will probably have namespaces” “The European broadcast flag proposals are even nastier than the US ones”

Presentations 2.0

Last week I taught a class (eight times, in fact) which kicked off with a short presentation modeled after Dick Hardt’s OSCON talk on “identity 2.0”; I told my students that I had stolen the idea from one person (Hardt) who had stolen it from another (Lessig) and that they in turn should feel free to steal it should the need arise. The style is rapid, visually rich, and fun; watch Dick’s performance to get a feel for it.

More OSCON talks

ITConversations has posted two more audio recordings from OSCON; Kim Polese’s From DIY to DIT and, today, Jeremy Zawodny’s Open Source at Yahoo!. The shows will continue to trickle in, but I’ll stop posting about them now that ITConversations has the OSCON 2005 series page linked from their main navigation bar. Enjoy!

OSCON audio: Linux in Search of the Desktop

ITConversations has posted a second talk from OSCON 2005, Asa Dotzler’s “Linux: In Search of the Desktop”. The talk grew out of a controversial blog posting Asa made, which was then slashdotted. I agree with most of what he says. I shouldn’t be surprised at the number of people who disagreed with his basic assumption – that Linux has a place in the mainstream desktop computing world – but I am.


Recordings from this year’s O’Reilly Open Source Convention have started showing up over on the excellent ITConversations. First up is Nat Torkington and Tim O’Reilly speaking about O’Reilly Radar. I’m looking forward to seeing more sessions appear in the coming weeks – especially the ones I didn’t get to!

OSCON wrapups

If my scanty coverage of the 2005 O’Reilly Open Source Convention wasn’t enough for you, check out these excellent, thorough post-show wrapups from Andy Oram at O’Reilly and Slashdot (though I recommend setting your score threshold to 5 as always, in this case to boil down a “Ruby On Rails Doesn’t Scale” thrash). The above were my two favorites from O’Reilly’s general OSCON wrapup page; it also includes links to Technorati, Feedster, Bloglines, and Delicious tag searches if you want to read every last bit of prose posted about the convention.