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An embarrassment of RichIAs

First we had Shockwave, which begat Flash which begat Flex and Apollo, while meanwhile people have been busy doing Ajax. Of course Microsoft wants to get in on the action, and Sun does too — announcing JavaFX today. The name “JavaFX Script” is brilliant – now instead of just confusing Java and Javascript, people can confuse them with JavaFX too! Plus it sounds a little like “Flex” and has two As, a J and an X in it.

Meta-roundup of Javascript libraries

I was working on a sharp little post about the bewildering array of available Javascript libraries and how I had almost become resigned to collecting lists-of-lists-of-libraries for future analysis. Then, while I was mulling this over, a neato Javascript library demo I was running crashed Safari, taking my post with it. Lesson 1: I will remember to always use “Edit in TextMate” in the future. Lesson 2: I won’t get too excited about cramming my pages full of Javascript.


E-Scribe is not, strictly speaking, a standards organization. However, I think the time is right to release this draft document on an important Internet standard. The document is presented inline here for convenience; however, the preferred permanent reference is: Recent trends in internet-based application development have fostered the rapid spread of asynchronous, Javascript-based techniques known by the umbrella term "Ajax" and by related terms such as "AHAH", "POX", and so on.

Baby steps with Ajax

I’ve tiptoed into the Web 2.0 world by adding a couple small Ajax features to the blog. First, there’s now a “More” link at the top of my Random Bookmarks sidebar which fetches another seven random links from the server and plugs them into the page without reloading. Second, I added a gratuitous animated roll-unroll toggle to the comment form, and made it closed by default. OK, that’s not Ajax, that’s just fluff.

Sort tables with sorttable.js

I’ve been enjoying listening to the “Audible Ajax” podcasts from Ajaxian lately. One of the older shows was a talk by Lugradio’s Stuart Langridge in which, in an aside, he mentioned a table sorting widget he had written. It sounded cool. When I got home I fired up the browser and found it: sorttable.js. Even though it’s over two years old and doubtless there are a bazillion Ajax (tm) toolkits that include supersets of this functionality, I find it to be a very elegant thing.
Ajaxy regex tester in Python: retest

Ajaxy regex tester in Python: retest

I wish I’d known about retest when I posted about regular expressions recently. It’s a great little utility from Christof Hoeke that uses Python’s re module and SimpleHTTPServer power to give you an interactive regex tester right in your web browser. He says he’s only tested it on Windows XP, but it worked great for me on OS X 10.4.3. Brendon commented on Sun Feb 18 18:29:06 2007: Another good Regular Expression tester to check out is ReJax:

Windows Live Local

Another Update, 2005-12-15: MS has fixed the incompatibility with Gecko-based browsers as of today. Update: A connection at Microsoft has said that this should at least work on Firefox, and that he’s passed along my report. Hopefully fixes will be forthcoming. Windows Live Local has potential, but it’s a total strikeout on the Mac. (Perhaps the “Windows” part of the name should have been a clue. But if it’s really not supposed to work on the Mac, why not do some browser sniffing and send a helpful message – like “Go away”?