Meta-roundup of Javascript libraries

I was working on a sharp little post about the bewildering array of available Javascript libraries and how I had almost become resigned to collecting lists-of-lists-of-libraries for future analysis. Then, while I was mulling this over, a neato Javascript library demo I was running crashed Safari, taking my post with it.

Lesson 1: I will remember to always use “Edit in TextMate” in the future.

Lesson 2: I won’t get too excited about cramming my pages full of Javascript.

Instead of trying to re-create my scintillating commentary, I’ll get right to the listing of Javascript library comparison pages:

I usually dive into those comparisons energized and emerge disoriented. At least I’ve boiled it down to a pretty solid short list: MochiKit, Mootools, jQuery, YUI. Now if I only needed to use these things instead of merely wanting to use them, I could sort it right out.