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Window throwing in OS X and Ubuntu

When I first switched from OS X to Ubuntu for my daily development work, one of the things I missed a lot was Divvy. “Window throwing” is the purpose of Divvy (and Spectacle, which I later replaced it with). With a single keyboard shortcut, I can make the foreground window fill the right half of the screen. Or the left half. Or the bottom right quadrant. Or the whole screen. Any rectangle I care to define.
How to install the open source application Darktable on OS X

How to install the open source application Darktable on OS X

A step-by-step guide from real life Go to Skim page. Download some tarball. Scratch head over .tar.xz format. brew install xz xz --decompress darktable-1.4.2.tar.xz cd darktable-1.4.2 ./ --prefix /opt/darktable --buildtype Release Fail. brew install cmake brew install glib brew install gtk Fix weird permissions error inside existing libpng install. brew install gtk again brew install webp brew install lensfun again… fail, needs rsvg2 No available formula for rsvg2 No available formula for rsvg Give up on build.

The standard unix password manager you never heard of

Recently I switched my work environment from OS X to Ubuntu (a post on that project is in the works). For years I’ve been using the standard Apple Keychain app, which has several points in its favor: it’s included with the OS, it integrates well with a lot of applications, and is not trying to “freemium” me into a paid tier. However, it’s OS X only, which meant I had to find something new.


I just filed a ticket with the Google AppEngine project requesting the source to GoogleAppEngineLauncher, with the idea that this would make a very cool Django developer’s aid on OS X – much like Locomotive for Rails. Anybody else interested in this should go star it: Update: Cool. In less than 24 hours, 38 people have starred the issue, making it the 31st most-requested item and rising – ahead of hot numbers like “Please add Tcl support”.

Full-screen QuickTime

From Apple’s release notes on the latest QuickTime update (emphasis mine): QuickTime 7.2 addresses critical security issues and delivers: Support for full screen viewing in QuickTime Player Updates to the H.264 codec Numerous bug fixes Finally! Now Steve Jobs can rest easy, knowing that nobody is going to pour boiling-hot coffee on him. Not over this, anyway. Peter commented on Thu Sep 6 12:47:52 2007: Finally, I have the habit of clicking twice on the quicktime screen to get a full screen mode but it never worked., sorta-Aqua edition

As of yestderay, an early version of for the Mac is available for download. Not the X-Windows port, but a step toward a full-fledged native application. Until this point, you only had NeoOffice if you wanted Aqua widgetry and a semblance of native OS X experience. NeoOffice is quite good, but it launches terribly slowly. Whereas this new build of OOo launches in under ten seconds on my slowish Powerbook.