I just filed a ticket with the Google AppEngine project requesting the source to GoogleAppEngineLauncher, with the idea that this would make a very cool Django developer’s aid on OS X – much like Locomotive for Rails. Anybody else interested in this should go star it:

Update: Cool. In less than 24 hours, 38 people have starred the issue, making it the 31st most-requested item and rising – ahead of hot numbers like “Please add Tcl support”. Sorry, Tcl.

John commented :

Hey Paul,

Have you made any progress with this?

Paul commented :

Well, it’s up to 97 stars, but still no source to be found, so at this point I’m assuming we won’t see it.

(Obligatory book plug: Despite Google’s failure to embrace my little idea, we do have an 11-page appendix in the book about using Django with GAE.)

Derek commented :

Well,the ticket is marked as closed and done now…

Paul commented :

Hey, look, they released the source!