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Preparing for Y2K.007DST on FreeBSD

An energy conservation law from 2005 makes Daylight Savings Time (quaint US custom) begin earlier this year – this coming Sunday, to be exact. It’s supposed to be saving us energy, but I’m not sure if the upgrade costs were factored in. Anyway, I have a couple FreeBSD servers that needed the update. Went like this: sudo portinstall misc/zoneinfo sudo tzsetup It took three times longer to find this information (buried at the bottom of this notice) than it did to implement the fix.

Alpha Romeo Romeo Romeo

Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day, but when is Talk Like a Pilot Day? “This is chrome-plated stove-pipe triple-nickel eight ball, angels eight, five in the slot, boots on and laced, I wanna bounce and blow…”

Good Listening: Pop!Tech

I found out about the amazing Pop!Tech conference last year when browsing through the archives at ITConversations. I was surprised that a full set of recordings of this fascinating (and expensive) conference were available for free. I still remember listening to Malcolm Gladwell telling stories taken from his then-unpublished book, Blink. This year, if you want to be one of the first to get the audio files, you have to pay for them; $5 per session or $100 for the whole set.

New Orleans

When I started this blog I pledged it would remain focused on technical topics, but that’s trumped by what’s going on in New Orleans right now. Hundreds of thousands of dislocated people are struggling down there. I don’t need to tell you how to donate to the Red Cross, but here are some less widely circulated links to information and ways to help. Habitat for Humanity – lots of houses to rebuild Second Harvest – and lots of food needed Wikipedia entry on Katrina – dauntingly comprehensive NOLA.