Book news: Rough Cuts and Amazon

PWDD cover Just in time for Pycon, material from our new book is now available on the Safari “Rough Cuts” service. If you’re a Safari subscriber, or decide to become one to get access to our draft chapters, please check it out and let us know what you think! Reader comments are incredibly important to us.

We have a title now – Python Web Development with Django – and we’re even listed on Amazon.

Here’s a summary blurb for those curious about how we are positioning the book:

As a web developer, you want to program in a language that is powerful, clean, mature, and well-documented, and one that is equipped with a great standard library and a huge selection of high-quality third-party packages. You also want a web framework for that language–one with a vibrant, helpful community of users and developers, and one that is designed to function smoothly as an integrated stack, but whose components are loosely coupled so that you can make substitutions if circumstances require. In short, you want Python and you want Django. This book – which includes a special “Practical Python for Django” chapter for those who need a language introduction or review – is designed to help you learn and use Django in real-world settings as easily, quickly, and smartly as possible.

Thanks to all who have helped so far, and for all those whose help is yet to come! It’s exciting to be headed toward the finish line.

Empty commented :

Congratulations. I’m looking forward to reading it.

Paul commented :

Thanks, Michael!

Charlie commented :

Would love to see info on using django with google app engine in the book!

Paul commented :

Nice timing. We will in fact be including some information on AppEngine in the book.