Developer meeting braindump 2007-07-12

I was only there for about half of the latest Western Mass. Developer Group meeting, but here are some of the things we rambled on about. Someone else will have to fill the earlier bits.

  • Haskell: Should you bother?
  • That hot new band, Lambda and the Calculus
  • If you’re learning Python, learn to love the interactive shell and the dir command
  • Good introductory Python books: Core Python, Learning Python
  • Good intro to Python for experienced programmers: Dive into Python
  • Just how many tests have you written today?
  • Web app testing is a pain. Things like Django’s test framework make it a bit easier
  • Ruby testing with RSpec
  • The iPhone: you want one, don’t you? I mean, Ars Technica likes it, what more is there to say?
  • Are you worried about how your code will be viewed by posterity? Some would say that, paradoxically, your worry itself is a sign that you probably have nothing to worry about.
  • Lou runs 5.5 miles to work in 14 degree weather all the time.

Paul commented on Wed Jul 18 02:45:51 2007:

So, Chris, how’s that iPhone?