Django Unicodification

On July 4th, which in America is a holiday involving even less attention paid to international events than usual, a wonderful thing happened to Django. On that day the Unicode branch, whose goal was to make it easier to work with non-ASCII character data in Django, was merged into the main development version (or “trunk” in svn-speak). There’s an application porting guide on the Django wiki.

The main reason I’m making this post, though, is because while Malcolm Tredinnick’s blog doesn’t allow comments (nudge) I wanted to make sure he was publicly thanked for all his hard work on this project. While he notes that the project “was in no way a solo effort”, there’s no question that Malcolm deserves a huge round of applause, or many pints of beer, or some other international sign of gratititude. The evidence is hard to refute.

You can read more of Malcolm’s post-merge thoughts on his blog.

Simon Willison commented on Sat Jul 14 01:56:07 2007:

Here’s Malcolm’s Amazon wishlist.

Manuel commented on Sat Jul 14 04:54:37 2007:

Bravo Malcolm!

Thanks for your excellent work.