Django Mercurial mirror tweaks

Update: As of 2012, the primary Django repo is on GitHub. The mirror described in this post has been retired.

I really enjoyed my participation in the last Django sprint, but prior commitments prevent me from participating in the PyCon Django sprint that begins today. On the chance that people may be taking advantage of my Mercurial mirror of the Django repository, I made a couple tweaks:

  • Increased the update frequency from hourly to every 15 minutes
  • Added downloadable gzipped tarballs (about 2.5MB for trunk).

Have fun!

Simon Griffee commented :

Thank you so much for providing the Django Mercurial mirror.

This has saved me from having to speak to my ISP here in Italy to try to solve the proxy errors I get when attempting to access the trunk through SVN.

I’m also learning about Mercurial in the process!

Paul commented :

You’re very welcome - glad to hear it’s of use.