OSCON 2007!

My employer has generously agreed to send me off to OSCON this year and I’m very excited. I’m doing the whole shebang, tutorial days and all. (Current tutorial picks: Learning Ruby, Django Master Class, Modern Web Development with Python and WSGI, and Time Management for System Administrators.)

I had a blast and learned a ton attending OSCON in 2005 and I expect this round to be even better. For one thing, my involvement in open source projects, notably Django, means I know more people. And the whole open source world – dare I say movement? – has only gotten more powerful and impressive. I get to become better at my job while learning cool stuff and meeting smart people. I’m a lucky guy.

I also plan to do some serious pinball playing at Ground Kontrol.

Are you with me?

Jacob Kaplan-Moss commented on Fri Jun 8 21:56:18 2007:

Awesome - it’ll be great to get to meet you in person!

And I’m so down for some pinball…