OSCON wrapups

If my scanty coverage of the 2005 O’Reilly Open Source Convention wasn’t enough for you, check out these excellent, thorough post-show wrapups from Andy Oram at O’Reilly and Slashdot (though I recommend setting your score threshold to 5 as always, in this case to boil down a “Ruby On Rails Doesn’t Scale” thrash).

The above were my two favorites from O’Reilly’s general OSCON wrapup page; it also includes links to Technorati, Feedster, Bloglines, and Delicious tag searches if you want to read every last bit of prose posted about the convention. Also, you may find some of the presentation files interesting or useful, especially if you’re an attendee with spotty notes.

Side note: the diversity of presentation file formats prompted me to do a rough count. In descending order of popularity I got: PDF (16), Powerpoint (13), HTML (3), OpenOffice (2). I expected more S5!