Python 2.5 Library Reference for Plucker

I’ve created an updated Plucker version of the Python Library Reference for Python 2.5. It weighs in at 1.7MB, a bit fatter than the last one mostly because I tweaked the spidering depth to keep deeply nested pages from being skipped. All twelve of you who have an interest in such a thing can find it here:

fietske commented on Thu Jan 4 18:01:01 2007:

great Paul !

I just downloaded it so I can use it on my Nokia 770 internet tablet with FBReader (supporting plucker as well)

thanks Fietske

Paul commented on Thu Jan 4 22:14:52 2007:

Excellent, glad to hear it’s of use! This way you actually can keep it under your pillow, just like Guido intended!

Richarrd commented on Fri Jan 5 03:12:58 2007:

Ooh, I like this - thank you very much, will be very useful to have this to hand on the Treo…

Steven J commented :

Thanks needed it for my n810 :)