Most boring upgrade ever

$ sudo portupgrade php5 php5-curl php5-sqlite php5-bla bla bla...
--->  Upgrading 'php5 bla bla bla...'
[Updating the pkgdb bla bla... done]
$ sudo apachectl graceful

This was on a live server, with only the briefest of interruptions; no drama. Boring things should be boring. I love FreeBSD.

Chip Kaye commented on Sat Jan 6 11:27:47 2007:

Hi Paul,

Was this FreeBSD/Darwin under OS X, or do you like to run a true/stock FreeBSD server?

thx - Chip

Paul commented on Sat Jan 6 12:59:01 2007:

It’s honest-to-goodness FreeBSD 6.1, running in a VPS instance at My problem with OS X as server is that there isn’t any unified package infrastructure like FreeBSD’s ports or Debian’s apt-get. You can use MacPorts for add-ons, and Software Update (which does have a command-line interface) for core components, but that’s more work at best and a mess at worst. It’s great for certain things, especially in a Mac environment (we use it at work), but for web servers it seems like more trouble than it’s worth.