The Django Book

Congratulations to Adrian and Jacob on the launch of their GFDL-licensed book on Django. From the Django blog:

This is a pre-release, which means we’re actively looking for comments, typo fixes, corrections and other suggestions from readers like you, all around the world. We’ll try to incorporate your suggestions into the final product, which will be published by Apress early next year. is accepting preorders for the print edition, and the number of preorders so far has been astounding.

Only two chapters so far, but there are dates listed for most of the remaining ones. There’s a commenting system for detailed feedback, and comments are rolling in at a good clip.

I’m intrigued that the commenting system uses the Yahoo User Interface Library for its widgetry. At some point there seemed to be consensus that Django would officially use Dojo for Javascriptification, but this makes me wonder. (Not that I’m particularly attached to Dojo – YUI is swell.)

João Marcus commented on Wed Nov 1 23:50:21 2006:

I abandoned Dojo after I realized that they don’t really care about the docs. The Django-Dojo integration never actually happened, and I don’t think that it will ever happen. At least YUI has docs.