O’Reilly has been running CodeZoo for a few months now. Today they announced CodeZoo subsites for Python and Ruby. CodeZoo is very slick – you can track changes to a particular app or component via a special RSS feed, for instance. Downloads are fast and simple, even for Sourceforge-hosted projects. And they’ve got this new thing called DOAP (why do you think they call it DOAP?), an XML schema for component information. (Tangent: I’m thinking that DOAP could be a nice standard upon which to build phone-home version checking features.)

Marc Hedlund commented on Wed Aug 3 14:28:08 2005:

Hi, Paul,

Thanks much for the comments on CodeZoo. DOAP stands for ‘Description of a Project’, a format launched by Edd Dumbill. See for more info if you’re interested.

I completely agree that DOAP could be useful for phone-home features – that’s a great idea.

Thanks, and be sure to let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to see from CodeZoo.

Best, Marc Hedlund O’Reilly

Paul Bissex commented on Wed Aug 3 14:28:10 2005:

Thanks for the post, Marc. I meant to have a link on that tongue-in-cheek question