Django docs in Plucker format, nightly

It took me about a year to get around to it, but I finally set up that nightly cronjob to fetch the Django documentation into a Plucker file. (Note that if you don’t have a handheld with a Plucker reader, or aren’t closely following Django, this is of no use to you. Sorry. The intersection of those two sets is not very large.)

In addition to the current documentation pages, it includes the Trac Timeline, posts from the Community page, and the latest Django Book chapters. (Django team, let me know if I’m spidering anything I shouldn’t be.)

The file is about 1.1MB 1.7MB. Point your tractor beam at and enjoy.

Update, 2009-02-28: This project has been retired.

Jacob Kaplan-Moss commented on Thu Nov 16 22:16:06 2006:

Awesome - thanks for doing this, Paul!

Paul commented on Thu Nov 30 13:56:59 2006:

You’re welcome, guys. I hope somebody besides me finds it useful!

Makes me want to create a server-side replacement for the Plucker desktop in Django…