I’ve re-launched my little Django-powered pastebin (formerly paste.e-scribe.com) under its own shiny new $8 domain name: dpaste.com. Not that the world really needs another pastebin, but people have been using it daily and it’s a fun side project. From the about page:

Philosophy: Simplicity and usability. The grayscale look makes the colorized source code stand out. Cookie-based personal defaults eliminate lots of extra form widgetry. Automatic expiry means the database never fills up. Auto-focus on the Code field means mouse-free operation. No required fields means you can paste, tab, return, and go. No running list of recent items means the spammers remain invisible. And Django makes nice clean URLs the path of least resistance.

Some small tweaks made it in with the domain switch, including a delete option and a comment form on the About page.

Yuli commented :

Hi, Paul. It works great, except for one thing:

font-family: "Bitstream Vera Sans Mono", "Courier New", Monaco, monospace;

This is how the code gets formatted. If you look at the order they come, you’ll see that your typical Windows system will use Courier to display the code block. But so will your typical Macintosh system.

You now how you love your fonts on the Mac, right? So this may be a nice touch – making each system discover their included and native GUI fonts first, and have a fallback for the ocasional weirdness.

font-family: Monaco, "DejaVu Sans Mono", "Courier New", monospace;

What do you say?